As a niche, independent publisher, modern yet traditional, we publish a selection of novels each year, and a few children's books under our Kindi Corner imprint. Our popular Noveletta imprint publishes shorter stories and novellas. Most of our titles are published in both print and ebook formats.
      We publish fiction, thrillers, biographical and historical novels, romance, erotica, limited horror, the best of science fiction; and an unique non-fiction, health or a self-help book.  

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How to ORDER
We provide our books for sale direct to the BOOK TRADE with a minimum of 5 books per order. Substantial discounts are available on WHOLESALE PRICES as described. Libraries may deal direct or through their specialised distributor... just advise the contact... we will do the rest.

PublisherDirect - our DIRECT ordering system - the order is lodged with CUSTOM BOOKS by email. Send a query, and obtain a quote  
Our service has the benefit of:
- MINIMUM 40% DISCOUNT to RRP for all orders
      plus 5% BONUS DISCOUNT for FIRM orders (FS or non-SOR)
plus up to a further 5% BONUS DISCOUNT for VOLUME orders
- 4-5 month SALE or RETURN (SOR) is available on request with full credit return
- ORDER and PAY in local currencies.
- STANDARD 30 day EOM Trading Terms
    OR earn another 2.5% DISCOUNT by paying your invoice in full within 7 DAYS of DELIVERY

through your usual supplier or distributor - request them to contact us but pass us the contact...

if you have an INGRAM CONTENT or LIGHTNING SOURCE account, and/or subscribe to iPage, you may order our Titles in your usual manner using your usual discounts and account facilities.

OR Direct from AMAZON in USA, UK, Germany. Amazon do NOT ship to Australia.

... and the details

We update catalogues by email up to SEVEN times a year-- each catalogue shows the cover images of current titles or new releases. 

Clicking a COVER normally takes you to an individual webpage  Our books are all quality Trade Paperbacks, perfect bound with full colour laminated covers usually in matte. Custom Book CLASSIC size is normally 6"x9" (152x229mm) whilst our popular Noveletta imprints are being upgraded to the new 5.25"x8" (133x203mm).

Order ANY mix or selection 1-15 books  Base MINIMUM 40% off RRP" 
         ANY mix or selection 16-29 books  Bonus discount 3% - 43% off RRP 
         ANY mix or selection 30+ books     Bonus discount 5% - 45% off RRP
 * Some titles may have a higher base discount on occasions... check for specials!. 

A FURTHER BONUS 3% DISCOUNT for FIRM SALES (FS) applies in which event our Returns Policy does not. Make sure you ADVISE in the order email whether the sale is FS or SOR requested so we quote correctly.

If SOR is requested - and pre-agreed - UNSOLD books from a SINGLE order may be returned after FOUR, and up to FIVE months from invoice... for a FULL credit. You must notify us to obtain the delivery address  before returning. Books returned without pre-notification will NOT be credited. Preference is for unsold books to be progressively sold at heavy discounts rather than pulping. We will always make a practical offer.

Usual conditions apply - the original invoice must have been paid on time and books must be in effectively mint condition, any labels removed and the covers not be defaced by same; be properly packed for shipping to an advised local address and shipping cost prepaid. We will always make an alternative discount offer for your consideration.

Our SALE or RETURN policy is flexible so advise your requirements.

How to ORDER with PublisherDirect? 

Order by Email providing, No. of BOOKS. minimal other information such as BOOK NAME, AUTHOR SURNAME and RRP and CURRENCY.

Send the EMAIL ORDER to  

Both the confirmation quote will contain the full order detail and discount calculations. Bonus Discounts will be deducted on the invoice. 
The Order will normally be executed within two business days of confirmation.

SHIPPING to the advised physical business address (not a PO box) will be arranged and prepaid by the Publisher. The estimated delivery date will be advised when known. Books are either in stock or printed locally in USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere, and shipped directly with delivery times usually less than 16-20 days. Shipping internationally may extend the schedule.

MINIMUM ORDER for FREE SHIPPING is any mix of 30 books.  
If an Order total is less, the cost of shipping will be added to the invoice. The practical minimum order for shipping is normally 10-15 books.

INVOICING The Publisher prefers to invoice through PayPal inclusive of local tax requirements This invoice is payable with most major credit and debit cards, There are no payment charges.. Alternatively a bank to bank transfer may be made to a nominated bank account where one is available in that country. Enquire...

PAYMENT shall be made strictly within 30 days of the end of the month of billing (‘EOM’), which occurs on the date of despatch. The due date for payment of the invoice is stated on the invoice and the Customer agrees to pay in full by that date. Special offers may vary this requirement.

NON-RECEIPT, DAMAGED AND FAULTY BOOKS. Claims for non-receipt, damaged or faulty books must be made to the Publisher by email within seven days of the date of delivery of the goods or the estimated date of delivery provided in the event of non-receipt. If a faulty book, or damage occurs in transit, both the goods and packaging must be retained for investigation.

TERMS The Publisher sells the Books described to Customer at the wholesale prices quoted in US, UK, Australian, New Zealand or other currency as appropriate. Subject to a Minimum Order as described above, the price includes the packing, and shipping by UPS, APost or similar private or public expedited courier or mail service to the Delivery Address provided by the Customer. By forwarding an Order the Customer acknowledges that the full Terms herein have been read, understood, and agreed. The Customer may resell the books at any price at its discretion, RRP (Recommended Retail Price) being indicative only.

  CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS 2010-2019             
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 We currently publish more than 150 Titles by 95+ Authors from Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK, China, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Japan, Denmark, Eire, Bulgaria, New Zealand and more.

Various Rights and sub-Rights are always available   AGENTS WELCOME