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      your name   John Brown,
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You can have ONE or as many books as you wish on a single order, in any mix.
The Order will normally be executed within two business days. YOU WILL RECEIVE A DETAILED QUOTE... and instructions on how to pay and proceed.

SHIPPING to the advised physical business address (not a PO box) will be arranged and prepaid by the Publisher. The estimated delivery date will be advised when known. Books are normally printed locally in USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere, and shipped directly to the Customer with delivery times usually less than 16-20 days. Shipping internationally may extend the schedule.

TERMS The Publisher sells the Books described to Customer at the wholesale prices quoted in US, Australian, New Zealand or other currency as appropriate. The price includes the packing, and shipping by UPS, Australia Post or similar private or public expedited courier or mail service to the Delivery Address provided by the Customer. By forwarding an Order the Customer acknowledges that the full Terms herein have been read and understood, and agreed. 

INVOICING The Publisher normally invoices through PayPal inclusive of local tax requirements. Most credit/debit cards may be used with a free PayPal account.

NON-RECEIPT, DAMAGED AND FAULTY BOOKS. Claims for non-receipt, damaged or faulty books must be made to the Publisher by email within seven days of the date of delivery of the goods or the estimated date of delivery provided in the event of non-receipt. If a faulty book, or damage occurs in transit, both the goods and packaging must be retained for investigation.

LOCAL TAXES Pricelists and order blanks DO NOT include local GST (eg Australia & New Zealand), VAT (eg Europe), or state or country taxes but will be added to invoices in accordance with country law. Applicable rates are currently Australia (10%), New Zealand (15%), Europe (6%+), USA/HK/Singapore/UK (usually 0%)  

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