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for Children's Picture & Children's Book submissions for ages 2 to 12
KINDI Imprint CHILDREN'S BOOK manuscripts generally have minimal words with either relatively inexpensive digital photography suitable for some stories or original drawings or sketches is many unique styles, for others. There is an infinite variety of combinations, sizes... and subjects.

Most Children's books need graphics particularly if the target is 2-6 years olds.  We arrange all requirements as necessary.


SEND A SINGLE EMAIL and with the same SUBJECT LINE requirements. 

     In the BODY include

  • Author information  
      1..Author's FULL Legal Name
      2..Penname or nom-de-plume - the name under which publication would occur, if any
      3..Gender - Male/Female
      4..Age or if you prefer, your Age group <20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, +70
      5..Country, city or town, and state or territory.
      6..Word Count  
      7..Genre - main genre and sub-genre if any - we will correct or add if uncertain eg Fiction/Thriller
      8. Target Age group ... 2-6/ 6-9/ 9-12/ Tween/ Teen/Other
      9..Some informal information about yourself in a paragraph or two - not for publication
    .ANY previous publishing experience selected titles/ dates/ publishers/self published.

     11..Are you supplying the imagery or do you want us to consider providing them?
     12..imagery-Original drawings or sketches OR digital photography?
     13..What size book did you have in mind? Six 'standard' industry sizes exist but we usually start with 8.25" x 6" high but 8.5' square is another popular size. These books must have a minimum 24 pages when completed, 36 maximum is about normal.  The number of words is unimportant.

  • Manuscript Storyboard
    ttach the  MANUSCRIPT IN FULL marked clearly with page breaks and notations on preferred imagery on each page as described below. If in doubt as to what are required EMAIL US. The information is important to give us an idea of your thinking. If your submission is accepted, we will produce a final storyboard from this information for costing and estimates, and then for instructing the illustrator and formatting the book..

THE MANUSCRIPT...or storyboard

SETUP  For the purposes of submission, open a new Word file, save as '...subsm_name of book' /
Format the page to Letter or A4 size/ turn off both header and footer (uncheck boxes) /set all margins at 0.50"/ FONT Arial 12pt is good but the type size or font has no relevance to the final font selected.
Head up the page in left top corner
On next line in the centre, type the TITLE in red, then the Authors name.
Under provide the following detailed information
   1...Are the images proposed to be drawings or digital photos?
   2.. If drawings is there a preferred Illustrator - name/ website/any relevant information. You can list up to three by name and reference. You can refer to a particular artist's style or a book reference is good.
   3.. Are you supplying the images or do you want us to provide them.- note the type or style of images preferred, such as pen & ink sketches eg. with/without colour shading or background etc; or full colour. How many images and what sizes approximately. Keep the information succinct but add a
general description of your thoughts for the images. Within reason, the more info the better!
This is the place to provide all your thoughts!

> several line breaks
Heading right:
Leave blank for Publisher

BOOK Left 2
Type in red the TEXT for this page. Follow with specific info on the image for this page.

The Dog howled at the Moon!

image> The FC (full colour) image is 3/4 page. Snoopy should be featured with a Moon rising, Moon should have a personality (face??) with a green soft background /see general theme and style - it might be similar to your sketches in Hourglass. Liked that a lot!

BOOK Right 3
The ball rose, Snoopy watched closely... he was sure there was a Man in the Moon...

image> The FC (full colour) image is 3/4 page. but could be a sketch over the two pages with snoopy on left looking up at the moon as it rises. Bleed over inner margins?

          (this change of mind is okay as these are suggestions to both publisher and illustrator)

BOOK Left 4
Story text in red

BOOK Left 4
Story text in red

    .... and so on for as many page pairs as necessary but preferably a minimum 24 pages - about 36-40 pp is the economic maximum for a 2-6 Kindi book. There may be some pages without imagery or only a small image. Generally image size does not materially affect the cost... it is the image complexity and thus the time incurred which determines the estimate. If you can sketch and want to convey an idea to the artist, a rough sketch is acceptable.- anything which gets the idea over ... a cartoon cut from a newspaper, internet image or a pencil sketch are all good. B&W info is fine!

The final COVER, designed last, is perfect-bound and laminated, usually in full colour. The inside front and back cover is blank and white.  The rear varies with the style. The author and illustrators name and copyright, and the publishers logo is more often on the rear cover or inside front. Page numbering used in working copies, are not generally used in final print or eBooks.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR CHILDREN'S BOOK MANUSCRIPT?                                      


 Within 1-3 weeks, we usually read sufficient to make a decision to REJECT... 
If we decide NOT to proceed, we will advise you the reasons and destroy the manuscript. 
If a rejection is not received in that time, you may assume we are proceeding to a full review, offer and potential publication. 

 The email address for submissions is


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