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As a niche, independent publisher, modern yet traditional, each year we publish a selection of major novels in virtually any genre under our Classic  imprint, and just a few unique children's books in the Kindi Corner imprint. Our popular Noveletta imprint publishes shorter stories, novellas, and all types of smaller books. eBookEXPRESS provides specialist services, publishing most of our print books — and many others
— into all seven eBook formats.

We publish fiction, thrillers, adult romance and an occasional unique non-fiction, picture book, real life, health or a self-help book. We are usually open for general fiction submissions in all three imprints, preferring full Novel manuscripts to be around 90,000+ words but review those from about 50-65,000 words. We accept 2500-65,000+ words in our Noveletta imprint.

CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS 2010-18                  
Novels - eBookEXPRESS eBooks - Noveletta imprint Short Stories - Kindi Children's Books    

 We currently publish more than 150 Titles by 95+ Authors from countries which include...
  Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, Denmark, Eire, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, India, Netherlands, Cyprus, Israel.Ukraine & China.
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