eBook Publishing THE Easy WAY!

Creating an eBook need not be complicated but publishing has changed dramatically. It has become increasingly difficult to be noticed by traditional publishing houses, resulting in many compelling stories being unpublished and untold. Even though self-publishing may have revolutionised publishing, it is now even more difficult for a writer, and a first-time author particularly, to find a publisher or an agent willing to even read a debut manuscript. 

CUSTOM BOOKS make it easier - publish an eBOOK and our Editors may recommend your manuscript for full print publication in the traditional manner ... an unexpected bonus.

In any event by publishing your eBook, you no longer have to find a publisher or agent, in order to see your work in print. You have the power to be a published author with a finished, professional eBook available to readers anywhere in the world. Publication is no longer for the selected few. It is now an exciting goal that everyone can attain. 
Publishing your book is one of life's greatest moments!

We offer a simple package... you select requirements to suit both your means and aspirations. All we say to you is make sure your manuscript is complete, properly structured, fully spellchecked and adequately edited. Supply the information we need and you select only the services you require. One of the problems of the upheaval caused by eBooks, is the increasing lack of quality, or even basic editing. 

As a Publisher, we cannot make your eBook sell but quality eBooks will be accepted by more and more wholesalers and retailers... will be reviewed ... and purchased by buyers! 

ebookXPRESS is a complete eBook package combining our publishing service and the multi-channel capability of our distributors. Your eBook will available to online bookstores such as Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Goodread, and many others and will be distributed in catalogues covering an estimated 24000+ retailers.

Want to PRINT as well ... email us for information.


  • Information including your Name, Age, City, State or Province, Country, Title name, No. of Words

  • Your manuscript in Word (doc or docx) in A4 with one inch (2.5cm) margins top, bottom, left and right; with Chapter headings; indents correctly constructed; with no line or section breaks but a page break at the end of each chapter, and not more than two blank lines between text or paragraphs at any point. The principal font should be Times New Roman or Garamond in 12pt black, single spaced with no header or other font exceeding 16pt. Page numbering, and headers and footers should be turned off. Manuscript should be edited and spellchecked.

  • Front cover if available, must be full-colour in jpeg format, measuring about 1200-1400px wide by 1800-2100px high or larger but in approximately in these proportions. The cover must be in .jpg, .jpeg or .png format.

     After we have accepted the submission, you will be required to assist in drafting:

  • Flash line - one or two lines maximum which might be a sub-heading for your book.

  • An author's biography of 8-15 lines (up to 150 words approximately) - a head and shoulders photograph in jpeg format may be supplied as a separate file, if you wish.

  • Pitch or description of 12-18 lines (up to 250 words approximately) This should describe the book from a buyers point of view - it is the blurb you see on the back cover or the flap of books to entice you to buy.

    The manuscript and the half cover image should be attachments to an email.  If you do not have a front cover - or drafting beats you ... we will help!  Just do the best you can...

    NEED ASSISTANCE, a cover or have queries? Go to our FAQ pages first ...


  • We check your manuscript is in set out properly and ready for formatting, its acceptability and provide a fixed QUOTE. Generally we offer terms and comment on your manuscript. Normally we respond within a few days.

  • If you wish to proceed, we follow with an ebook publication agreement containing your copyright protection and the terms we have agreed.

  • After signing, we usually have your eBook ready in a week or so. Uploading and proofing takes another few days, followed immediately by publication.

  • We send you information as to how and where your eBook is being distributed, how to access your eStore and more... 

 Special requirements or unanswered questions? Send a short email 
.. without any attachments or any part of your manuscript. Tell us about your problem!


 AGENT submissions are welcomed.


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