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Featured Title  Britt Bartenbach ODYSSEY to the BALKANS 
The destination – the Pyramids in Bosnia Herzegovina where she has plans to live out her days. The journey begins in Denmark. Along the way, unexpected surprises and revelations challenge her beliefs, ambitions and emotions and so the odyssey begins.  
*ISBN 9781 544772660  Trade 525.8 Paperback 162p  NON FICTION  travelogue
 RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 

...second book in the series by Australian author Gail Luck And my bed seems to be rocking up and back, up and back, making me feel dizzy and sick.Where am I? And how did I get here? My head starts throbbing and my eyes ache, so I close them against the sunlight creeping through a crack in the timber wall.
*ISBN 9781 547085492  Trade 5258 Paperback 156pp  ROMANCE 

The Friendship Trap ...Book 1 of a trilogy GAIL LUCK 
His face is heavily lined from nose to mouth with cold eyes couched in the deep folds of his lids. His skin is yellow, like he never goes outside. I’m staring. Staring at the Face of Fear. This is what Jessica and I were running from, in her dream. 
*ISBN 9781 542916608  Trade 525.8 Paperback 141p  FICTION  Short stories
Both RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 



ENDO & MOLLY A horse story  Miroslav Krejci  

Which fourteen year-old girl would not want to ride a horse. In this story, two young women fulfill this wish. Without wanting to, they engage in an adventure story of two horses. They will be part of their forced isolation, and under dramatic circumstances they witness their reunion. A must read …
*ISBN 9781 547084913
  Trade 525.8 Paperback 62p FICTION Juvenile Adventure 

WILL GOD TAKE CARE OF IT?   Miroslav Krejci
A fantastically tuned socio-critical novella, whose heroine, an ordinary girl, is informed from God about his plan to once again destroy humanity. Where in life can we find an argument that would have caused him to abandon his intention?…A Story about God!
ISBN 9781 547085224  Trade 525.8 Paperback 214pp  FANTASY                                
 by Miroslav Krejci   Czechoslovakian born Author
The story of two real friends affected by the terminal illness of one of them.
A special adventure for all ages...
*ISBN 9781 543017793  Trade 5258 Paperback 76pp FICTION ADVENTURE

ALL RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95  

ALIVE ...and in LOVE 
Maureen Waller

She felt comfortable, her usual shyness with men was not a problem. He was attentive, she could not have found fault even if she tried. She felt wonderful…she was in love!
*ISBN 9780 994401885  Trade 58 Paperback 122pp   ROMANCE YA      
                      RRP* US$9.95   /GBP7.95   /EURO8.95   /AU$13.45   /NZ$14.45  

BOOK ONE - Four Worlds in Conflict

The inhuman eyes glow with a malice that freezes my blood. The sickening yellow dots approach. A hand shoots from the darkness locking itself around my neck. Its claws dig into my skin, squeezing my throat and blocking my building scream. The shadow, of what used to be a man, steps forward......
*ISBN 9780 994261816  Trade 58 Paperback 172pp  SCIENCE FICTION   

.. The SCIENCE FICTION THRILLER continues   BOOK TWO - Beat of a Dead Heart 
Momo rises up from the ashes, and V’s world completely burns away... literally. With their communication severed, their bond threatens to break as they set out on different paths.
Together, they will discover what it means to hear a dead heart pulse!
*ISBN 9781 523753109  Trade 58 Paperback 232pp  SCIENCE FICTION

          Both  RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95   


Tammy Berg's love of animals -all animals - is obvious in her great series...

Brodie is a Golden Retriever a dog of The Ancients, but even such dogs are not allowed to talk to just anybody. Those he can correspond with to be a soul of The Ancients, not any human. 
Book One of Tammy Berg's unique FIVE-EVER series 
ISBN 9780 994401809 Trade 58 Paperback  112p         
Just how powerful a blue moon can be, is unknown to all at the sanctuary. It takes the Trio to decipher this mystery, and help a Coyote and her pups to kep a hunter at bay. A tiny life is unaware of the evils of the world. THE HUNTER Book Two of the unique FIVE-EVER series   
ISBN 9780 994459756 Trade 58 Paperback  182p 

An age-old rivalry exists between her Gran and Delfia, the Marsh Witch, something Gran had kept to herself. Jo is surprised how deep their competition went. She has to save her Gran from her!
*ISBN 9781 533398666 Trade 58 Paperback  262p 

THE CELEBRATION  Book Four of Tammy Berg's unique series
The time had come!
Josephine was to take her place as the rightful ruler of Five-Ever. However, even in light of such an event, it was not long before Jo saw how heavy the head bearing the crown, became.
 *ISBN 978-1539777892   Trade 58 Paperback  214p                

The MIRROR OF MINUTES Book Five  Five-ever series   Tammy Berg 
Josephine quickly learns when the farmer has to take a back seat to the Goddess of 5-Ever – and that being in power sometimes demands one to use undesirable methods. Methods that mean the loss of a few, to protect the many.

Josie was surprised to discover what she was capable of…

ISBN 9781 548406899  Trade 58 Paperback 200pp 

  ALL FANTASY  RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95  

How to Juggle without Balls! 
by Karen Haddon             
An inspirational account of a woman, raped at sixteen, determines to succeed. She raised her daughter alone, fought a two year court battle to save the family business - now one of the largest pyrotechnic companies in the world. .How one woman refused to be labeled a victim...
*ISBN 9780 994459725  Trade 58 Paperback 125pp INSPIRATIONAL    
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. What people do not realize though, is that He created the heaven and Earth not only in this, our universe, but in other universes as well. Taken together, these are – The Multiverse. This is where our story begins…
ISBN 9781 537690056
  Trade 58 Paperback 132pp  SCIENCE FICTION                   
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95            

`     AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT     by Margaret Pearce
Two cousins receive a mysterious Internet message. They decide to investigate but are kidnapped before they can escape. Waking on a spaceship, they are taken to an alien planet run along the lines of a giant ants nest. Science fiction for Teens, Tweens & Young at Heart 
*ISBN 9781 533397904  Trade 58 Paperback 158pp SCIENCE FICTION 
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95   




Cara Rose's
NO ESCAPING LOVE romance series.

Marcus knew from the moment he laid eyes on this woman sleeping in her car on the roadside, that there was more to her. He longed to run his fingers through her sexy long auburn locks and enjoy her body but only for a weekend
*ISBN 9780 994261823 
Trade 58 Paperback 110pp  YA ROMANCE     

Book TWO -
Sam accepted the offer of the elderly couple who kindly stopped to assist but she had not counted on their son, Rock. Their eyes met, steely grey eyes, kissable lips and all male under those blue jeans. The attraction was instant, soon becoming a night of passion...
*ISBN 9780 994266200
  Trade 58 Paperback 104p 

Book THREE -
As soon as he laid eyes on her body, Sven saw Kristy as a challenge. His pursuit was never going to be easy; she was a spontaneous woman …most certainly not the kind to be controlled. Little by little she had come around to his way of life until she realised they lived in two different worlds. Would he accept no as an answer? 
*ISBN 9780 994316110 Trade 58 Paperback  132pp      

Book FOUR -
The Lieutenant invaded her dream, fire and ice. Ethan was a military man through and through, married to the army until Rory entered his life. He admired her strength and courage in the line of fire, followed by the moment when she let him in..                    
ISBN 9780 994459763
  Trade 58 Paperback 80pp   
BOOK FIVE  LOVE OVER THE MILES  From their first meeting she had a hold over him, her scent drove him crazy and the funny way she spoke charmed his soul. The attraction was instant as if she had cast some sort of spell over his body and soul. Little by little he would win her heart!      
ISBN 9781 544773285
  Trade 58 Paperback 177pp  ALL YA ROMANCE   
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95   

… in the Company of Men  ...
Bulgarian writer  MAYDE DIMITROVA
In a small European country, White Rose, a middle-aged woman, is looking to find her soul mate. Can White Rose, a lady past her youth, find true love in the virtual world…
*ISBN 9781 537628622  Trade 525.8 Paperback 167p F - ROMANCE ADVENTURE  
   RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.45   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95

This is not the first time the fate of Adolf Hitler has been debated, but it is the first time an insider has lifted the veil on how he was abducted from his bunker in Berlin.
*ISBN 9781 539646570  Trade 525.8 Paperback 210p  NON FICTION  Historical Biographical
   RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 

From birth, Martin's parents perpetuated the myth he was delivered by Stork
THE STORK is an ALBATROSS by Graham South
A humorous story for those of us who were hoodwinked into believing that there was a Stork and that it delivered us in white nappies.
*ISBN 9781 537517506  Trade 58 Paperback 126pp  HUMOUR 
  RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 


Twenty-six years pass, Deanna returns to where her secret began and her life changed. Will she allow herself to be loved? Or will her search for the answers lead to her death?
N 9781 537051635 Trade 5258 Paperback  196pp F - Fantasy                    
RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 

Phyllis J. Perry teens adventures...
One of USA's most prolific authors.
Summer vacation holds little promise for Oliver until his grandmother offers him the opportunity to tour Great Britain with her. He quickly accepts.
Friendship turns out to be a great adventure! 
ISBN 9780 994266286 Trade 58 Paperback  126pp

Megan is on TV. Her brother is in the paper and her sister appears at the basketball game. She tries scuba diving, and finds she is at home in the water. Whatever else the future brings, has Terri found her niche? She is confident it will be Scuba 4Ever.
ISBN 9780 994316127 Trade 58 Paperback 120pp  ALL FICTION -TEEN ADVENTURE  ALL RRP* US$9.95   /GBP7.95   /EURO8.95   /AU$13.45   /NZ$14.45  

Fantasy at its best! 
Joseline Perez 


From love to carnal desire; force and order to fear and compliance, phones come alive and face each other. Lust, lies, ambition and other evils, are demons represented by the worst that the Smartphone has created. They colonize humans, subjecting them to abuse.

*ISBN 9781 548468026 Trade 525.8 Paperback 41p  FICTION  Fantasy 
ALSO Available in Spanish
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95

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