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Featured New Release    RED RIVER RATS   Michael Erasmus             
An incredible story of Kidnap and Human Trafficking!
This time young teenagers have been kidnapped from a private school in Johannesburg. The investigating team finds themselves immersed in a human trafficking syndicate that stretches from South Africa and Namibia to Europe and the Middle East.

*ISBN 9781 547085378
  Trade 69 Paperback 218p Classic imprint  FICTION  International Adenturel  
    RRP* US$21.95   /GBP17.95   /EURO19.95   /AU$28.95   /NZ$29.95

 RED GOLD  Book 3 - Guy Lucan series  by
South African author Mark Reed

Guy Lucan’s role as railway investigator again becomes a mix of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond as he follows the Red Gold trail! Copper is the bedrock of the cargo running over the three thousand kilometre corridor to Indian Ocean ports for export.
… with an unexpected conclusion!
*ISBN 9781 547085422  Trade 69 Paperback 211p F - Classic imprint    THRILLER  
  RRP* US$21.95   /GBP17.95   /EURO19.95   /AU$28.95   /NZ$29.95

RECIPE for TROUBLE ...second book in the series by Australian author Gail Luck And my bed seems to be rocking up and back, up and back, making me feel dizzy and sick.Where am I? And how did I get here? My head starts throbbing and my eyes ache, so I close them against the bright sunlight creeping through a crack in the timber wall.
*ISBN 9781 547085492  Trade 5258 Paperback 156pp  ROMANCE 
   RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 
The MIRROR OF MINUTES Book 5  Five-ever series   Tammy Berg 
Josephine quickly learns when the farmer has to take a back seat to the Goddess of 5-Ever – and that being in power sometimes demands one to use undesirable methods. Methods that mean the loss of a few, to protect the many.
Josie was surprised to discover what she was capable of…
ISBN 9781 548406899  Trade 58 Paperback 200pp  FANTASY                  
RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 
Gerald Grantham   TALLY HO, EAGLES... Book Two of the Trilogy
They had started
out flying Spitfires, and eating British food … then they had to change to the big P 47, and Spam! This is the story of that change …how they adapted to the American forces; their women, and their losses.
*ISBN 9781 54708583
Trade 525.8 Paperback 253p Classic imprint    FICTION  Historical Adventure
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP16.95   /EURO18.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95

ENDO & MOLLY A horse story  Miroslav Krejci  
Which fourteen year-old girl would not want to ride a horse. In this story, two young women fulfill this wish. Without wanting to, they engage in an adventure story of two horses. They will be part of their forced isolation, and under dramatic circumstances they witness their reunion. A must read …
*ISBN 9781 547084913
  Trade 525.8 Paperback 62p FICTION Juvenile Adventure 
 RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95

Fantasy at its best!

From love to carnal desire; force and order to fear and compliance, phones come alive and face each other. Lust, lies, ambition and other evils, are demons represented by the worst that the Smartphone has ever created. They colonize humans, and subjects them to abuse.

*ISBN 9781 548468026 Trade 525.8 Paperback 41p  FICTION  Fantasy  ALSO Available in Spanish
RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95

WILL GOD TAKE CARE OF IT?   Miroslav Krejci
A fantastically tuned socio-critical novella, whose heroine, an ordinary girl, is informed from God about his plan to once again destroy humanity. Where in history and in the present life can we find an argument that would have caused him to abandon his intention?…A Story about God!
ISBN 9781 547085224  Trade 525.8 Paperback 214pp  FANTASY                  
  RRP* US$13.95   /GBP10.95   /EURO12.45   /AU$18.95   /NZ$19.95 
Part One of Two ...  LIVES CHANGED  Canadian writer Michael King
Dirty cops, a senator, and secret service agents are all out to get something that isn't theirs. As the strike comes to an end Malcolm almost loses his life saving the President, ends up temporarily paralyzed, but learns to fight on, not letting those out to harm him, win.

*ISBN 9781 533398796
  Trade 69 Paperback 226p  Classic imprint   FICTION Adventure
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP16.95   /EURO18.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95

Late James Whitworth

Joseph Schiffer has one last burning desire before his retirement – to level the playing field between the Swiss banks, and disfranchised Jewish clients both dead and alive.
Intriguing and fast-moving … with an unexpected conclusion!

*ISBN 9781 500507787  Trade 69 Paperback 188p Classic imprint  F - THRILLER  
  RRP* US$19.95   /GBP16.95   /EURO18.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95

Fate is the unknown that happens to everybody … destiny is what you create.
The STONE FIDDLER ... fate or destiny  by Eugenia Jenny Williams
Two people from different cultural and social backgrounds with separate and dramatic life experiences. Despite their differences they find comfort and love with each other.
'*ISBN 9781 545987308  Trade 5258 Paperback 226pp Classic imprint  ROMANCE 
    RRP* US$15.95   /GBP12.95   /EURO14.45   /AU$20.95   /NZ$21.95
Andrew Bell    FLIGHT of MAN... The Trilogy
Tales of spirit, determination and the challenges of life on the red planet!
The three parts set on Mars in the twenty-third Earth century… if Earth had survived.
Science Fiction from the best! A
thought-provoking story of the habitation of the planets...
*ISBN 9781 543281255 Trade 69 Paperback 482p Classic imprint  FICTION  Science
RRP* US$21.95   /GBP17.95   /EURO19.95   /AU$28.95   /NZ$29.95

Emmanuel Asadu           WINGS ... if I had wings
14 year-old Nigerian schoolboy and new author - Winner of our Junior Encouragement Award 2016

After being kidnapped, Maria's
father is pleased to have her home; he tells her …
You make me feel like I could fly, like I had wings.

*ISBN 9781 544773360     Trade 5258 Paperback 69p  FICTION
            RRP* US$11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$15.95   /NZ$16.95




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