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Featured  Classic...   EVITA...My Argentina   Helen R. Davis            
Tracing her life back to her humble beginnings, when she is abandoned by her father,
Evita takes the reader on her journey to the pivotal moment when she meets Colonel Juan Perón.
A larger-than-life story, told in her own fictional words, the powerful novel is as educational as it is entertaining.

*ISBN 9781 542970617
  Trade 69 Paperback 220p FICTION  Historical Biographical  
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Sheldon Friedman 

With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the story continues the breathtaking lives of Travis Kane with all the inherent dangers of the French Resistance, President Roosevelt’s live or die missions, and death defying action when German spies enter the US.
*ISBN 9781 544772592  Trade 69 Paperback 180p F - Historical THRILLER  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Alive ... humourous and fun!  TINCANS   Lise Freeman
Family, friendship, loyalty, and consternation is at the heart of Tin Cans. Lana must decide what to do with her mobile home business, which is always teetering in the red.  
Exhausted from the process of keeping the business afloat, what will happen if she closes?
*ISBN 9781 53736361
  Trade 58 Paperback 264p HUMOUR  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Book ONE of the Washington trilogy!  HAVANA PASSAGE  Jay Lillie
In this politically current and action packed work we are given a peek into the workings of a lawyer whose client is the sitting United States President and a Cuba without Fidel Castro.
*ISBN 9781 542897679
  Trade 69 Paperback 218p POLITICAL FICTION
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Two years after their marriage, Jim Culback wasn’t the man Clare thought he was. How many more broken promises could she accept? What will develop between them?
Can Clare trust another man? Or does Jim have other plans for Clare?
*ISBN 9781 537051635 Trade 5258 Paperback  196pp F - Historical FANTASY   
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Gerald Grantham TALLY HO, EAGLES... Book One 
So many young Americans came to fly and fight for England in 1940-41, they soon formed their own squadron – the Eagle Squadron. This is the story of that change …how they adapted to the American forces; their women, and their losses.
*ISBN 9781 542738415  Trade 525.8 Paperback 259p  FICTION  Historical Biographical
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Sequel to Graham South’s Peculiar … A Story of Otherland.  
Graham South

The wonderland of Karst Mountains in Guilin, China and the caves within them are a famous tourist attraction. A team of British explorers descend on the city in search of long extinct giant dinosaurs, which supposedly dwell in one of the huge unexplored caves ...

*ISBN 9781 543196559 Trade 69 Paperback 190p  FICTION  Fantasy
  RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

The third book of the Washington Trilogy brings the nations of the hemisphere together to do what none could manage alone. A young woma leads the President's parade, and old friends, Kate and Gordon, through life threatening challenges in and out of Havana and Foggy Bottom. ..
 GITMO - Guantanamo Bay
by US author & lawyer Jay Lillie.
 *ISBN 9781 533397973 
Trade 69 Paperback 196pp   FICTION ADVENTURE  
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

The CHRISTMAS 1941 MORN   George Thakur 
wo lives collide, bonds form and a lifelong friendship commences between two mena secret relationship blooms and endures through marriage and a single son. Old friends from way back. Way back to the war days, meeting as young soldiers, now dying as old lawyers. Together, one way or another, all of that time, through war and love and the law
*ISBN 9780 994365781  Trade 69 Paperback 202p THRILLER  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Book 2 Guy Lucan series by Mark Reed 
entangled and enthralling!
Guy Lucan’s work in post apartheid South Africa leads him to uncover one of the world’s most ambitious railway crimes amongst romance and danger….
*ISBN 9781 539165712
  Trade 69 Paperback 166p  COMMERCIAL FICTION  Murder & Adventure
RRP* US$21.95   /GBP17.45   /EURO19.95   /AU$28.95   /NZ$20.95

The VELVET PRISON   Sheldon Friedman 
Against the pulsating back drop of a New York City in social and economic change, young Travis Kane struggles with his passion to be an artist painter, and the conservative demands of his strict grandfather, Barclay Kane.
*ISBN 9781 537628622  Trade 69 Paperback 286p F - THRILLER  
  RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Gripping suspense, alive ... Another Ladybird thriller!
MONA LISA: The Virgin Mother  JJ Barrie
Da Vinci's Mona Lisa – the most famous icon in the art world – was stolen from the Louvre in Paris in 1911 and again in 1986. This story may be the truth behind this endearing painting... and her smile. The compelling story is engaging, fast-moving and one of enthralling mystery... and an unexpected ending... 
*ISBN 9780 992468996
  Trade 69 Paperback 285p CRIME THRILLER  
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

The ROCKART MURDERS by David Kilner - another Skyla Merrick mystery!
So who is guilty? Skyla unravels the identity of the villains but must confront her traumas and fear of death before she can act to prevent further atrocities. But can she catch the killer? 
*ISBN 9782 533398406   Trade 69 Paperback  224pp F-CRIME / POLICE PROCEDURAL
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

An astronomer discovers a terrible secret and decides to reveal it to the world – but dangerous people want to stop him. Joined by his wife, a woman with a penchant for daydreaming and tumbling into reveries. She finds that her secret romance with a supernatural being may have a strange connection to her husband's research. 
by Japanese author GEMMA NISHIYAMA
*ISBN 9781 53726759
3 Trade 58 Paperback  186pp F-FANTASY PARANORMAL
  RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Questions... but are there Answers?
In the middle of the eighteenth century, a time of political unrest, John Wilkes led a secret society. Disgruntled and hiding as a newspaper writer, he leads family, friends, and cronies into his nefarious way of thinking.
*ISBN 9781 533368408 Trade 69 Paperback 176pp  F - HISTORICAL CRIME     
 RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

...Murder and Injustice!
Sean Burke's  PETRA 
She develops strong feelings for the husband of an invalid woman, but she must keep them to herself. When the woman is found dead in the nursing home where Petra is a cleaner, her mundane life spirals into a terrifying orbit which threatens her existence.
*ISBN 978
1 537247281 
Trade 58 Paperback  358pp  COMMERCIAL FICTION 
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

J. Andrew Wainwright The LAST ARTIST  
Confronted by his mortality, the artist reproduces several modern masterpieces on the walls of an isolated French cave so they will last for 20,000 years. The result is enduring images of visual brilliance framed by lived experience that has its own place and longevity in time.
*ISBN 9781 533988710  Trade 69 Paperback 210p  COMMERCIAL FICTION  Historical
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Power and Protest ...
he New Zealand government led by autocratic Prime Minister Wynyard Nairn approves the establishment of a USA naval facility, and in the middle of Wellington's pristine harbour. Given the anti-nuclear stance in the country, all hell breaks out!
by New Zealand writer DAVID BATES 
*ISBN 9781 523752881  Trade 69 Paperback 220p COMMERCIAL FICTION 
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Compelling international adventure...PACIFIC REBOUND by US author Jay Lillie 
Yap is one of the pinpoint peaks of an under-sea volcanic mountain range several thousand feet taller than Mount Everest. The shoreline rises over 35,000 feet from the depths of the Challenger Deep. We don't know what's down there, but it's a good place to hide something that you never wanted found.
*ISBN 9781 5237530  Trade 69 Paperback 268pp   FICTION ADVENTURE  
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

BLOOD WOOD by Mark Reed - Book One in the GUY LUCAN Series
An English railway engineer employed by a New York based consulting firm, Guy Lucan is posted to Madagascar, his role as the railway Director General becomes a mix of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond as the conspiracy deepens
 powerful and persuasive!
*ISBN 9781 523753246   Trade 69 Paperback  196pp F-CRIME 
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Mother of God! What the hell had he got up to last night!
His head was pounding like a jackhammer on steroids! His mouth was dry and fuzzy and his tongue lumpy and swollen as if someone had pumped it full of botox! Opening his bleary eyes, he was taken aback to see a bare bottom protrude from under the duvet. It wasn't his...
by Irish author SEAN BURKE
*ISBN 9781 523752638 Trade 69 Paperback  285pp F-CRIME
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

 Meyer Necklace stolen …
by award-winning author JJ BARRIE
She centred the White Star of Africa into the cleft of her breasts, adjusting the three strands until they lay perfectly, marvelling at the effect. Lady Winton sat quietly at her dressing table, almost as though in a trance. Her eyes stared unseeingly into the ornate, gold-framed mirror. . the Curse of the Diamonds!
*ISBN 9780 992468927 Trade 69 Paperback 354pp  CRIME     
 RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

Victims at twelve, they could not comprehend the abuse... They cried until no tears were left – then they escaped! ALL THE CARDINAL'S MEN by JJ BARRIE
An engrossing story of priests, paedophilia and murder. . 
'A marvellously well-plotted, topical novel - a cracker of a tale, engrossing; a sensitive treatment of the subject of paedophilia - and murder.' Tom Flood, Miles Franklin Award-winning author
*ISBN 9780 992468989  Trade 69 Paperback 240pp  CRIME FICTION 
RRP* US$19.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO17.45   /AU$25.95   /NZ$26.95  

...and who is to be the judge?
Joseph Civitella SHADOWS of TOMORROW 
is a story about the rewards of living with truth in a world of lies, the punishments of living with lies in a world of truth, and how the events and actions of today serve to set the stage for the drama lived tomorrow.
*ISBN 9781 533398239 
Trade 69 Paperback  420pp  COMMERCIAL FICTION 
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

A true tale of the horror, bloodshed and courage ... 
Graham South's intriguing novel
PECULIAR …A Story of Otherland
Rodney is an artist, able to produce sketches of people from memory, an ability that supports him on his journey through life. He knows from an early age that he is different –  he is peculiar.

*ISBN 978
1 517710255 Trade 69 Paperback  264pp  FANTASY

RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95   

BENEATH THE CHERRY TREE   David Bates                         
Two lives collide, bonds form and a lifelong friendship commences between two mena secret relationship endures through marriage and a single son. Old friends from way back, to the war days, meeting as young soldiers, now dying as old lawyers. Together, one way or another, all of that time, through war and love and the law
*ISBN 9780 994365781  Trade 69 Paperback 202p THRILLER  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

A true tale of the horror, bloodshed and courage ... 
Michael Tatlow's explosive novel
DAYS OF FEAR - the story of Britain's only spy in the IRA 
The Irish Republican Army became involved in murderous attacks and bombings, and the Troubles in Northern Ireland exploded into outright armed rebellion. The year was 1969...

*ISBN 9780 994177841
  Trade 69 Paperback  192pp  BIOGRAPHICAL THRILLER

RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Gripping... the new terrorism! This was the chance they had gambled on…
by J P Burke                           
The bomb was hidden deep in the basement two years earlier on spec. Now the Washington hotel is to host a US sponsored Middle East peace conference. Ten year-old Hussein Shaffeed’s parents are members of a group of radicals planning to activate the bomb! BUT WHO WILL BELIEVE TWO CHILDREN?
*ISBN 9780 994365750 Trade 69 Paperback 354pp  CRIME THRILLER   
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Tanya Thistleton  COUNSEL'S OBJECTION   
Of course she can survive without him … or can she? Sarah injected authority into her voice as she told the Judge why her case was superior, and she should win. But it would be to no avail. Of all the barristers to oppose her, only Markus could leave her with every ounce of confidence gone… and every single nerve end tingling. A must read! 
ISBN 9780 994177834 Trade 69 Paperback 160pp FICTION - CRIME 
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

A Late and Foggy Night... finally, he is on a two lane country road passing through a narrow canyon, a last winding step to his new home. Suddenly she is there, caught in his light beam, standing in the middle of the road. He stops, stunned by her appearance in the middle of the night
The LADY of the CANYON  Gerald Grantham
  *ISBN 9781 514248690  Trade 69 Paperback  248pp  FICTION THRILLER/ POLICE PROCEDURAL  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

Skyla Merrick is always in some kind of trouble …  
The Cornish-born detective witnesses the first of the bizarre deaths while visiting Arthurs Bay, a coastal  village with bigger ideas. The director of a local climate research facility is number one.
*ISBN 9780 994261895  Trade 69 Paperback 194p ADULT CRIME 
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

The Ashes of the First World War are barely cool...
.A tale of survival after losing everything, leaving everything behind, what is left are the truly civilised, profoundly human values the author carried within her when all outward accoutrements have been destroyed.
*ISBN 9780 994177810  Trade 69 Paperback 150pp  BIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL   
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

WOODLAND'S END  Elle Knight   Can he trust his instincts and his heart..
Awakening in unfamiliar surroundings, Susanna Kennerson remembers nothing but her name. Marcus Torrence, owner of Woodland's End, a manor house that has been in his family for many generations, is concerned that the beautiful woman he is helping is involved in the trouble around his land.
*ISBN 9781 523752768
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95  

A Dragon in the Snow is powerful, provocative …
An emotional avalanche for a mild mannered drummer as he battles something far worse than his imagined dragons.
*ISBN 9781
505231014 Trade 69 Paperback FICTION THRILLER 
  RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

CHESSBOARD OF DESTINY  Eugenia Jenny Williams
The aging Gypsy busker plays his concertina... His mind floods with memories of his childhood marriage, death, Nazi persecution, life in the camps… and his survival. A drama in a nearby shop unfolds. ‘Murderer! Murderer!’ the woman screams. The accused old man flees but she is sure he was a concentration camp commandant. Is he really who she thinks he is? Questions, but are there answers…
*ISBN 9780 992468965
Trade 69 Paperback  180pp  HISTORICAL FICTION 
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

A compelling and compassionate love story hovering between the present and the unknown......
A vibrant romance... a tear-jerker that pulls on the heartstrings. Fresh, the characters are well developed and the reading is easy. 
MARGARET AMERY WHITE at her best! Heartbreaking, Tear-jerking!

*ISBN 9780 992468903 Trade 69 Paperback 290p ROMANCE/Fantasy/YA  
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95         

Walking Through Time & History ...   TWO SOULMATES   Valerie Barrow
A chronicle of the experiences of Valerie and John Barrow, and their many lifetimes together.  Over the last thirty or more years, this journey has bonded their minds, bodies and souls.. As an experienced medium, she has developed an understanding of how regression and past-life therapy can heal our soul and body.               'A wonderful journey through time...'  ISBN 9780 994261878 Trade 69 Paperback 178p  ALTERNATIVE 
RRP* US$17.95   /GBP14.45   /EURO15.95   /AU$22.95   /NZ$23.95

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