EUGENIA JENNY WILLIAMS ... Australian author

The Author was born in Kosice, now part of the Slovak Republic. After occupation by the USSR in 1968 she and her family escaped to Vienna. In 1969 they arrived as assisted migrants in Australia, settling in Tasmania, where she still lives. has been a public servant, a laboratory analyst for some ten years, later proprietor of three successful businesses before becoming a tutor at the University of the Third Age and Adult Education on writing subjects. 
With  literary grants from Arts Tasmania, she wrote her autobiographical novel Yenni - A Life Between Worlds published in 2002, followed by Jenny’s Coffee House-After Yenni was first published in 2009. Yenni, by 2006, became the 15th best read and loved book in Tasmania.

  THE STONE FIDDLER ... fate or destiny         Published 2017 CUSTOM BOOKS  Noveletta imprint



Two people from different cultural and social backgrounds with separate and dramatic life experiences.

Binh is a violinist in the Melbourne Symphony orchestra, who lost everything yet found strength to pick up the pieces … and Julia working for an escort agency as a receptionist to pay off the debts of her deceased husband.

Despite their differences they find comfort and love with each other.


Fate is the unknown that happens to everybody … destiny is what you create.

 Published: march 2017
ISBN 978 1548089873

Format5258 133x203mm
US Trade Paperback
Extant 226pp
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The aging Gypsy busker plays his concertina...

His mind floods with memories… memories of the traditions of nomadic Transylvanian Gypsies, of his childhood marriage, her death in childbirth, Nazi persecution of his family and friends, life in the Nazi camps… and his survival. While he plays, a drama in the nearby shop unfolds.
‘Murderer! Murderer!’ the woman screams…

The accused old man denies and flees but she is sure he was a concentration camp commandant. Is he really who she thinks he is? Can she prove his identity? Is it too late for him to be prosecuted?

Questions, but are there answers…

The memories of a young girl form the basis of this carefully plotted story of intrigue, old and new love, deprivation and suffering… a chessboard of destiny!

Comments & Reviews

This book works on so many levels – the plot is almost a biography, there is real history, unembellished and unadorned. The characters are believable and the book maintains a solid momentum, After the war, many Nazis escaped but fleeing to Australia was not common so the story is all the more for its uniqueness. John Bastion-Straits Reviews.

An intriguing thriller, well-written, paced and exciting to read.... A comfortable novel even with its biographical format. A difficult subject and occasionally a little unbelievable but I liked it. Jan Begg HKWeekly

A well-conceived, written novel, incorporating twists and turns which do an impressive job at keeping the reader guessing how this detective story will unfold while integrating some interesting World War II history. As my family had some similar experiences, I found the whole story fascinating. If there was a weakness, then it was in the provision of too much detail on occasions, such that it could have been a travelogue in parts... Peter Wiessner, Frankfurt

I enjoy reading historical books but am not so keen on fiction. This story, however, puts both genres together brilliantly. It was never boring, pretentious or wordy. In fact, it was one of the best books I've read this year. Wholeheartedly recommended. Michael Keene 22 Jan 14

This book was more than I expected in that I knew only that it featured gypsies. Having recently traveled  via the Trans Siberian Railway, I knew that my experiences only scratched the surface of a world far from my home in USA. It was with great anticipation that I awaited the book and could not put it down till I finished. The many characters were well drawn and the history of gypsies, WWII and events in places like Moldova made great bonuses. I had to Google Transnistria to find that it was indeed real. Telling this story was a juggling act with only minor fumbles. LaVerne Ramsey Birmingham, AL


Published: 10 October 2013
ISBN 978 1492388326

Format 6x9 153x229mm
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Extant 150pp
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  YENNI  A Life Between Worlds         Published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

The Ashes of the First World War are barely cool...

The new regime of USSR is placed under the steel discipline of Stalin. After the short golden age of the Charleston, the industrial world faces its first real hurdle as economies are shaken by the market crashes of the great depression.

In Germany a new leader energises the nation, pulling the country out of depression with the iron fist of the dictator. War envelopes the world. Countries of middle Europe are invaded and annexed. 

After, with an uneasy peace in place, borders are changed and mixed to create countries with new, unheard of names. Old cultures, religions and ideologies are forced to blend into a new unity, hating the moves – the repercussions will be felt for decades, continuing to haunt the nations responsible.

A tale of survival after losing everything, leaving everything behind, what is left are the truly civilised, profoundly human values the author carried within her when all outward accoutrements have been destroyed.

First Published: 30 August 2014
ISBN 978 1500938581

Format 6x9 153x229mm
US Trade Paperback
Extant 150pp
eBOOK all formats
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