EMMAnUEL ASADU ... Nigerian writer & author

Born in Nsukka Enugu State, Nigeria, the Author attends Oluwole Christ the King college in Ejigbo, Isolo Lagos. His primary subjects are Economics, Commerce and the English language, which is his second language. He has three proud sisters and plans to become an Economist and Financial Analyst.
Emmanuel’s manuscript was chosen for Custom Books Junior Writer’s Support Program 2016 A
ward The author was 14 year’s old in 2017.

WINGS ...if I could fly!  Published 2017 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

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If I had Wings …

Maria is kidnapped by two men.

While with them, she meets Esther who suffers from a psychosis due to abuse from her parents. They are revealed as the ‘buyers’ who have hired the men to carry out the crime.

For Maria, this whole experience is too much – it renders her mentally unstable and she finds herself in a white house, a psychiatric home for the insane.

When she wakes the hospital, she relates her experiences to Doc Mark. Maria flashbacks to the time she spent with the black monks who tortured Esther and forced her to kill herself. He soon realizes her identity. Doc finally explains before taking her back to her father. Pleased to have her home; he tells her …

You make me feel like I could fly, like I had wings.

Published USA APRIL 2017
     Released JUNE 2017
  ISBN 978 1544773360

5258 PRINT Format:133 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback 68pp 
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