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The Author was raised in London, gaining a law degree as part of his formal education. After ten years spent with High Street firms of solicitors, he joined the government as a civil servant before finally transferring to the Office of Treasury Solicitor. He retired from the civil service in 2007 but remains a member of the Independent Appeals Panel. He still lives in Hackney where he writes fulltime. The Westminster Affair was his first full-length novel.

   THE WESTMINSTER AFFAIR  Publication 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

In the not too distant future the UK Government decides to get tough on crime ... and morality.

Their answer for the first is the Office of the Chief Investigator. This force of men and women do not use kid gloves ... or rules, in their fight against crime.

But to the second ...

Food at the Palace of Westminster has been poisoned. The Prime Minister is struck down. Is the death connected to the suspected terrorist cell? Can SI-5 and her team find the culprit or have they met their match? 
Questions... but are there any answers?

Half an hour later Louise Baldwin interviewed her BBC colleague. 
 'What have you been able to learn?' 
 'I have heard from sources the Prime Minister sadly died this morning. As a result, the State Opening of Parliament s now unlikely to go ahead this week.' 
 A shocked Louise replied, 'Your sources are telling you the Prime Minister is dead.' 
 'Yes ... that is my understanding. A statement will be forthcoming from the hospital shortly...' 

PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant est 450pp 




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