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Born in Durban in South Africa, after College the Author joined the public service. Within a few years she departed for the private sector where she established a successful modelling school, worked for an advertising company for a while, and then a stay-at-home mum. Jennifer applied her skills and effort into teaching speech and drama to young children and became a part-time English tutor. Feeling the urge to put pen to paper, she successfully completed a four-year Comprehensive writing course,  earning her the Writing School’s Diploma. Awards followed from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board for: English for Commerce., and a Certificate of Merit for drama from the Council for Culture and Recreation in South Africa. Since she has been enjoying her first desire … writing. The Author is now writing her third novel.


    TWISTED EDGES First Published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint  2014 Second Edition Noveletta imprint

Comments & Reviews

This book casts a spell on the reader from the word go. Set in 14th century China, the characters are designed to provide an exotic blend of events. The beauty of this story lies in the simplicity of the concept - a feud between brothers. Where the author Jennifer King adds her touch is, giving her characters a free mind to let the  events and storyline evolve rather than forcing any turn of events. 
A beautifully written book that you wouldn't  want to put down until you've reached the back cover.
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Based a Chinese story from the Ming dynasty.


14th Century China as never before...
The epic saga of the rule of the tyrant Zyrus and his son Chuing following... from an old Chinese story.

The emperor Zyrius was a great warrior and fighter, and his people feared him. 

His laws were not to be broken and anyone who disobeyed was punished by prison or worse... execution. 

He had two sons and many daughters.

As the eldest son grew to a young man, Chuing, was praised by his parents for his strength, courage, fighting skills, bravery, and dominance. 
All over the kingdom, it was said that he was truly his father’s son. And this made Emperor Zyrius proud. 

Gen-lee, the second son, was nothing like his brother. While Chuing accompanied his father on hunting trips and village raids, Gen-lee remained at the palace where he could be found in the library, or with his father’s advisors questioning them over issues concerning the kingdom. 

They often frowned in wonderment at the intelligent questions that Gen-lee put to them and logical answers he came up with.

     A recipe for intrigue and disaster... only one son could follow his father!

First Published 23 May 2013
Released August 2013
Second edition July 2014
ISBN 978 1500251987

PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 114pp 
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