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Angela Barnes has a tertiary background in Communications and a Masters Degree in International Education. She was a high school teacher of English Literature before pursuing her interest in writing. Born and raised in Australia in a close-knit family, she was quickly taught the value of communication and the importance of not just listening but ‘being heard’. Intrigued by the challenges of communication in relationships both professionally and personally, she wrote TRUCE. 
Essentially a reflective and practical guide; this self-help book provides simple ways to empower people to consider how and what they communicate to others... and with themselves. Angela Barnes lives in Malaysia, and is currently working on a novel for teenagers and young adults.


    TRUCE  Previous Edition published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint - as COMMUNICATION FOR COUPLES

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 Is the one person you need to talk to most... the most difficult conversation to have?

What is TRUCE? 

It’s when you tire of conflict and want to connect. 
It’s when you seek to turn opposition into opportunity. 
It’s believing you are in the ‘right’ but proving you value your relationship more than your ego. 
It’s neither ‘giving up’ nor ‘giving in’ rather embracing your differences to let them work for you not against you. 
It’s not letting the past dictate your future. 
It’s when you stop waving the red flag and start raising the white – To call a TRUCE! 

Relationships are not just about surviving, but about thriving as a couple and as an individual. 

Consider them Insights, Instincts, Inspirations… TRUCE empowers you to think with your head, feel with your heart, and go with your gut instinct!

Published: 12 July 2014
ISBN 978 1500429232
PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm
Extant 170pp 

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