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Jeremy Gadd is a graduate of the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and has worked in professional theatre in Australia and the UK as an actor, administrator, producer and playwright. He now lives and writes in an old Federation style house overlooking Botany Bay, the birthplace of modern Australia. He has travelled extensively internationally and around Australia, including several trips to outback areas such as the Gulf country, the Northern Territory and The Kimberley region. These journeys have provided him with the inspiration and material for much of his writing.

The Author has a long publishing history in periodicals; some 200 poems in newspapers, periodicals and literary magazines in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany and India; and many short stories in magazines. Books include the original edition of Escaping the Triad - first published in 1998; a selection of previously published short stories, and the The Suicide Season - a novel about wildlife smuggling set in the tropical north of Australia, published in 2013


   ESCAPING THE TRIAD  Published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint 

Comments & Reviews

The pursuit of My Li propels the story along at an exciting pace ... with several plot twists … This fictionalised account deals with an important aspect of Australia’s history in an interesting and compelling manner. ’ Maria Cullen, History Teachers Association of Victoria.

After reading the first few pages the story took control … money well spent …Peter F. Pike, Writers Voice.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My Li's journey from China to Australia set against the historical and well researched background of the 19th century gold rush in Australia, provided an excellent and pacey read. The story shone through.
Pauline Green 20.01.14


Superb historical novel with supernatural overtones.

The main protagonist, My Li, is a young man growing up in nineteenth century China, when that country was going through a period of economic and political turmoil and corrupt tongs or triads dominated day to day life.

My Li’s family falls foul of their local warlord and, before she dies, My Li’s mother arranges for My Li and his sister to join the gold rush in Australia - the Great South Land - where she hopes they will find security and their fortunes.

After the untimely death of his sister, My Li inadvertently finds himself in possession of an important talisman belonging to the Triad. Two assassins - or ‘Red Poles’ – are sent to retrieve it. My Li befriends an elderly, spiritually orientated Chinese who decides it is his destiny to accompany the young man and guide him on his journey.

In Australia,  they are initially used as slave labour by the infamous William Macarthur, an unscrupulous squatter or land-owner. Evading the Red Poles and meeting an Aboriginal youth who assists them, they reach the goldfields. However, unable to avoid his pursuers and his fate, My Li learns he has to come to terms with life as it is – not how he would like it to be.

First published 1998
Second Edition 
12 November 2013
ISBN 978-1492388388

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 168pp 
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