DAVID BATES ... New Zealand writer & author

The Royal New Zealand Navy as a young seaman preceded an early career in the New Zealand 
Police. He married, there were children while he studied for his law degree. Over the ensuing years he rose to Inspector level, the last six as a Legal Adviser at Police National Headquarters. In 1981 David Bates resigned to practise in criminal law. In 1989, the Government appointed him District Inspector for Mental Health, a position he continued in conjunction with his legal practice for some years. He has since practised as a barrister-sole, specialising in criminal, traffic, youth, and mental health law.  
He reads and enjoys writing, cruise ship holidays, and red wine
not necessarily in that order.

 Previous publications include the original Beneath the Cherry Tree 2009 and The Making of Travis, 2012, two Children’s Books Poppa - There’s a Hole In Your Eugenia, 2010, and My Sister Morgan Rose 2012 all published by Polygraphia Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. Six specialty law books as author or co-author. Published by The Law Book Company, Australia; Butterworths Publishers; Brooker & Friend Ltd (NZ).

SHAFTS OF STRIFE  Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic imprint

RRP* US$13.95   /GBP11.95   /EURO12.95   /AU$19.95   /NZ$21.95

The New Zealand government ・ led by autocratic Prime Minister Wynyard Nairn  approves the establishment of a USA naval facility, and in the middle of Wellington's pristine harbour.

Given the anti-nuclear stance in the country, all hell breaks out!

Daily protests and rallies occur and threats of mayhem are made. Within days anarchy rules; Parliament is occupied, the US Embassy is attacked and two die, a major TV communications tower is destroyed and central Wellington is blockaded. But when the International Airport is forced to close, the situation reaches crisis point.

The Prime Minister ・ under increasing pressure from the scale of continuing protests ・ attacks the Police, threatening to remove their independence and bring in the army.

Will Nairn change his mind, is he even listening? Or will it be up to the people?

A story of democratic power and protest!

Published February 2016
  Released May2016
    ISBN 978 1523752881

69 PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback 220pp 
eBOOK All Formats 

BENEATH THE CHERRY TREE  Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic imprint


* US$13.95   /GBP11.95   /EURO12.95   /AU$19.95   /NZ$21.95


Robert Paul and Frederick Dalton  


Two lives collide, bonds form and a lifelong friendship commences between two men a secret relationship blooms and endures through marriage and a single son.


Old friends from way back. Way back to the war days, meeting as young soldiers, now dying as old lawyers. Together, one way or another, all of that time, through war and love and the law


Robert Paul’s personal attributes quickly brought him success as a commercial lawyer; his advice and counsel legend. Now, he was dead. His son, Julian, a successful barrister plagued by a gambling addiction and constant calls for more and more cash, sees an unique opportunity to blackmail his uncle, Judge Frederick Dalton and in the process solve his urgent problems. Cancer will rob the eminent High Court judge of his life but he leaves a timely legacy to ensure the attempt to pervert the course of justice is thwarted.

Will Julian Paul succeed or destroy his himself in the process?

Published USA 19 July 2015
  Released OCTOBER 2015
    ISBN 978 1514248645

69 PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback 202pp 
eBOOK All Formats 



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