ANGELA S. WALTON ... Australian author & writer

The Australian born author resides in Newcastle with her husband, two sons and Border Collie, Bella. Her curious fascination with the afterlife since childhood saw her pursuing a pastime as a ghost hunter and co-founding Boo! Paranormal and Newcastle Ghost Hunters with a team of dedicated like-minded people.
Although she makes no claim to have any psychic abilities, Angela is surrounded by people who do. She believes that the creatures to fear most are the living and that taking life too seriously makes for a dull existence.
Transcendence, her debut novel, is just one of many stories to come! She may be lurking in cemeteries or haunted sites near you in search of ideas for her next book.

    TRANSCENDENCE  Published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

 Reviews & Comments

Great story, leaves you wanting to read more! 
Aug 14 Kim Thorpe

If you are after a great debut novel in the style of Diana Gabaldon then you must give this book a read. Great job Angela! 
Tracey Pogson 


RRP* US11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$16.95   /NZ$18.95


Sexually assaulted, Matilda has no idea this catastrophic event will trigger an encounter with her soul-mate from the spirit world, Lieutenant Thomas Heath Winchester.


Confused, yet somehow familiar with his provocative gaze and righteous conduct, she is filled with a reminiscent hunger for his very soul. She discovers having lived a past life as his fiancée until tragedy struck in the year 1819. 


As the pieces start to fall into place, the couple resume their love between two worlds, a love tested when Matilda must take on the toughest role of her life.


Is she prepared for the sacrifice she must make for her one true chance at happiness with Thomas…

Published 28 JUNE 2014
ISBN 978-1500173630
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 185pp 



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