TREVOR HERRON... Australian writer & author

Born in South Africa, Trevor Herron emigrated to Australia in 1998 with his wife and two sons. Besides writing being a passion, he works hard to make his stories enjoyable to his readers. He started writing at a young age but did not have the courage to submit anything for publication despite it being suggested. His other interests include painting and the building of scale models.
Until recent retirement, he lectured in the electrical trade which has supplied much of the pseudo-science theory that he uses in his writings.  
Earlier publications include
A Variety of Vultures. 2011 Raider Publishing and The Boy 2014 Strategic Book Publishing

    The TAME TRUFFLER   Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

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While science fiction in the form of Time Travel is integral, it is a largely a tool connecting two different cultures together. The story poses the question of how far back in time do we look to predict the cause and effect of present events on future generations.

The Tame Truffler takes its name from how a Stone Age man hears the words ‘Time Traveller’ said in a Scottish accent. He finds himself in a dilemma integrate with the locals and inevitably affect their development, or live a solitary life. To live with humans theoretically would cause a distortion of history but no matter which way he goes, he is likely to upset the course of anthropology.

He recognized that without companionship he would be on the slippery slope to insanity. When he was shown the cave a pregnant silence descended, that electric period before something momentous happened.

  the hand lifted my palm to his lips and his palm to my lips. The pact was sealed. A man from an advanced technological age was now brother to a man of the Stone Age and proud of it.

Published September 2015
Released December 2015
ISBN 978 1514248720
Trade Paperback 58 Extant 146pp 



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