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Sheldon Friedman, a resident of Colorado, recently retired as a practicing lawyer. He is also a playwright, having his play The Long Goodbye performed at a local theater in 2010. A recent play is in the hands of a producer and another play is to be produced in 2016. A former college lecturer on legal topics, he has been writing short stories, plays and novels since the age of ten.

    THE SILK SWAN     Published 2018  CUSTOM BOOKS Classic Imprint











The Silk Swan continues the exciting adventures and life-styles of Travis Kane, his family and friends after World War II. This novel focuses on the coming of age issues of their children, their heartbreaks, tragedies, passions, joys and what it was like to live during the latter part of The Cold War years.

New York, London and Paris have never been more exciting and adventurous. Filled with romance, suspense, racial tensions, family dynamics, sexual tension and political intrigue, the Kane chronicles will remain in your memory long after you read the final pages.


 Published 30 Junne 2018
8ISBN 9781 222 0435 82

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
6x9 Trade Paperback
Extant  180 pp 
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    THE SATIN SASH     Published 2017  CUSTOM BOOKS Classic Imprint











After the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, American lives change dramatically. The Satin Sash continues the breathtaking lives of Travis Kane, Lindsay Wayne and Jean-Paul Renault with all the inherent dangers of the French Resistance, President Roosevelt’s live or die missions, and death defying action when German spies secretly enter the US through it’s ports. A wedding reception and the lives of Travis Kane and his family are thrown into chaos as America enters World War II.

The Satin Sash is set against the explosive backgrounds of New York, France, London and Ireland. Travis Kane becomes President Roosevelt’s tool in bringing one of the world’s most famous paintings to New York. Racial tensions surface. A famous black activist enters politics and an actress makes choices in the face of heartbreaking tragedy. A public enemy serves his country in wartime and a black artist becomes famous. When a baby is born the future shows promise.

With tension, suspense and surprising plot twists, we continue to follow the lives of the people we loved in The Velvet Prison.


 Published 31 MARCH 2017 ISBN 9781 544772592

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
6x9 Trade Paperback
Extant  180 pp 
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    THE VELVET PRISON      Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic Imprint










  The Velvet Prison was selected as one of three finalists for Best Mainstream Fiction in 2016 by the Colorado Author’s League. Over 200 books were submitted in the Mainstream Fiction genre.  Finalists participated in a book reading and signing at The Tattered Cover, one of the largest independent booksellers in the Denver metropolitan area.



Against the pulsating back drop of a New York City in social and economic change, young Travis Kane struggles with his passion to be an artist painter, and the conservative demands of his strict grandfather, Barclay Kane.

His mother, unable to come to terms with tragedy, has taken Travis' infant sister and abandons him, leaving their house in Gramercy Park, and Travis to be raised by the grandfather he adores.

Travis enters a New York speakeasy, with a unique idea, that will change his life, leading him on an exciting journey, meeting Manhattan's privileged, studying in art in Paris and, finding his way to Broadway.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Wayne's mother, seamstress, has a secret, and a passion. Her daughter will become a famous stage actress, and this is her focus.

Lindsay and Travis' worlds collide.

Their lives will never be the same again.

 Published 15 September 2016
ISBN 9781 537628622

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
6x9 Trade Paperback
Extant  286 pp 
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