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Born a miner’s son in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, he combined university study with jobs ranging from mining to truck driving. His academic career resulted in an international management consultancy. After moving to the New South Wales south coast, he accepted a lectureship at the University of Wollongong. Whilst earlier writings produced academic texts, plays, and magazine columns, Peter quit lecturing to write full-time. His debut novel was followed by Bad Angels, The Spider Lady's Lunch and a new edition of The Vintner's Letters (all published by Custom Book Publications 2012-3)

     BAD ANGELS - published 2012 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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I have at last found time to read Bad Angels... a mystery but somehow it has a humorous streak. The storyline is good, the characters even believable. The accountant could easily be mine. The plot is ingenious and the ending a surprise. A damn good read!  J.J. Barrie, Author HK

I was put off a little by the angels...  
I thought it might be too religious. 
Far from it, the story is great, a little mystery and some fun. I could see myself doing all that, the retirement, the few acres... I even recognised the village. Loved it! Paul Campbell Nott. UK

The characterisation was great, I could see each in my friends. 
A good mystery, a good story wins 
all the time. Certainly I failed to pick the villain once again. 
Robert Maher, Taree NSW 

The download worked well on Amazon Kindle - something that does not always happen. Enjoyed the book but it failed to grab me... even so I would like to be able to write as well. Great style!
Matt Perry, San Francisco Ca.

When I was asked to review this book, I had misgivings over the preamble and the title. I could not guess where it was going. Usually reading 3-4 chapters is enough to know whether I like it but Bad Angels went right to the end. As a professional I pride myself on good grammar and accuracy and I found it here. It was well written, even better edited and had a great feeling. I have never given more than 4-stars but this book was right up there. Only negative - storyline a little too simplistic, needed a few more twists and turns - but loved it.
John Lin, Bookstand, Singapore


There were many ways to do this.

Sure, God could strike him with a lightning bolt from heaven in a flash. 

But the Angels would have to ask God to do the deed, and their relationship with the eternal heavenly father did not automatically allow that. 

Humans could pray to God, and on a good day, he might hear their prayers. But humans tend to be unreliable. If one prays for black, another is likely to pray for white. 
It has been thus since the days of Adam and Eve. 

All things considered, it would be better to go about the task without involving The Lord. 
The angels should do it using their own limited powers. 
Angels can fly, so gaining entry would not be a problem. And there were already angels inside the Garden – members of the angelic host – who could help. 

What of the technology? Everyone knew that the boundary fences were festooned with optical-electronic sensors, visible and invisible. Would they detect angels? 

That stupid old line, speculating about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, was not helpful in this day and age. 

No, it would be better to pose as humans ...

Published  26 November 2012
ISBN 978 1480026270
Released June 2013

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US Trade Paperback
Extent 242pp 
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     THE VINTNER'S LETTERS - published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS Imprint

OUT OF PRINT  EBook only available 

Comments & Reviews

Son of an Irish father and a Parisian mother, Maurice George O’Shea was a famous Australian and Hunter valley winemaker. Educated in France, he was also a man of passion, and a romantic. In the cultured and elegant Miss Marcia Fuller, an accomplished pianist, he found his enduring sweetheart.
    Theirs would be a many-faceted and often stormy romance, confronted by religious differences and tested by life’s vicissitudes. 
      But their greatest challenge lay in Maurice’s other consuming passion – making fine wines. He could not tear himself away from his beloved Hunter Valley vineyard, Mount Pleasant. Marcia, every inch a city girl, was appalled by the primitive living conditions of the struggling vigneron. The Vintner’s Letters is based on their true story as recounted by Simone Bryce, their daughter, and on the letters written by Maurice to Marcia during their courtship.
Vandaair, Goodreads  

A beautiful story. What more could you ask for...Wine, food, love!! And based on a true story using the actual letters! Bloody good as we say here.
Leesa J, Perth WA

 Great classic style literature about the early years of producing wine in Australia, coupled with a well written love story... what can I say? I'm a sucker for a good love story!   Kevin GR, USA


On a grey and threatening day in October 1909, a page turned in the story of twelve year-old Maurice O'Shea's life that would rewrite his destiny. That day his father, John O'Shea, schoolteacher turned wine and spirit merchant, took his son on a rite-of-passage visit to the weed choked Hunter Valley hillside that he and his Parisian wife, Leontine, had visited some years before.  

John O'Shea's wet fingers fumbled with the latch, finally swinging open the gate. Then, mindless of their city shoes and the cold rain dribbling down their necks, he strode over the wet ground to lead his son to a vantage point at the top of the highest hill.

Maurice hurried to keep up. Myopic since birth, he wore thick glasses that now blurred as rain smeared its way across his vision. More than once, his feet stumbled upon the uneven ground hidden beneath the wet, clinging grass.

Miraculously, the rain stopped as they reached the top of the hill. Maurice wiped his glasses on a folded handkerchief so that he could see the land below, to which his father grandly gestured. He tried to hide his breathlessness as he surveyed the view before them.

John O'Shea laughed with delight. 'There's a pot of gold down there, son,' he said. 'That rainbow. A sign from the Heavenly Father, to be sure.' He rested a hand on Maurice's shoulder. 'One day you'll grow grapes here, my boy… make beautiful wines…'

Not published Australia
 or New Zealand
 Published: JULY 2013
Released OCTOBER 2013
ISBN 978 1481967594

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 242pp 
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First Published 2007 Australia & NZ 


     THE SPIDER LADY'S LUNCH - published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint  - 2014 Noveletta imprint

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The quirky description got me in - ‘It’s like she’s catching flies… Miss Ryder the Spider… wants someone inside her,’ another tacked on. 'Now I think of it, some female spiders eats the male after they mate. A lay before lunch!' Surprise.. surprise... a good read! Tammy Gotto, Boulder, Col.

I was put off by the spider as I hate spiders...  but I downloaded it to my new iPhone and I  Loved it! Robert Emerson, Melbourne

Erotica is a special genre, go too far and you may turn off the reader, too little and there is disappointment. If the balance is right, the story good, a little mystery, a gripping start and surprising finish - you have a worthwhile book. This is one -  thoroughly enjoyable - even at my age!
J.J. Barrie, Author & Writer HK 



His new maths teacher, Miss Ryder was another blow-in. 

Living right next door, Hamish often saw her on weekends. 
He batted away suggestions he was interested in her comings and goings. 



One of his mates exclaimed, ‘God, Hamish! How can you even live in the same block as the Spider Lady.' 

The class had already put her in a box called 'Misfit & Loner …' 

The boys joked about her skinny black-stockinged legs, at the same time ogling the tight black skirt.

‘Those big googly glasses are like insects’ eyes and the stick arms and legs…’ 
One mimed her quick, darting movements. ‘It’s like she’s catching flies… Miss Ryder the Spider.’
 '… wants someone inside her,’ another tacked on. 'Now I think of it, some female spiders eats the male after they mate.'
'A lay before lunch!’ 


First Published: March 2013
ISBN 978 1500
Published in Noveletta format
September 2014

PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 165pp 
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