Gabriela Aguilar... United States writer & author

Born in Guatemala, the high crime and corruption in her beloved country drove her to find solace within the pages of every book she could get her hands on. Her family circumstances allowed her to live in different countries and . develop a deep curiosity for foreign languages and diverse cultures. As a young adult, she was encouraged by a friend to take a different journey. A journey filled with words. Ripping Solace is her first published work. When she is not busy bulling Momo or sticking her thumb up to hitchhike an interstellar ride, she studies English literature in an effort to earn a degree. You can momentarily catch her in Florida where she arduously trains to survive a zombie apocalypse. She has no cat.

    RIPPING SOLACE  Book ONE   Published CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

Comments & Reviews
An unusual plot and an intriguing writer . I had to rethink the characters again and again as the plot developed... but a good science fiction thriller, an excellent read. I enjoyed the story, and highly recommend it.-- Jane Mossop Collins 

I had the pleasure of reading the story while in final print proof. I didn't want to put the novel down. The writer is young with a great creative future, editing is good and presentation superb. I would thoroughly recommend it. Four stars is as far as i go. Robert McPhee SC USA 11/24

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BOOK ONE - Four Worlds in Conflict

The inhuman eyes glow with a malice that freezes the blood in my veins. The sickening yellow dots approach me, and, soon after, a hand shoots from the darkness locking itself around my neck. Its claws dig into my skin, squeezing my throat and blocking my building scream. The shadow, of what used to be a man, steps forward baring sharp dagger teeth that cut into its bottom lip. It opens its mouth as if to let out a roar, but not a sound comes out. I desperately try to yank myself free as I watch oil black blood drip from the monster’s wide open mouth.

The creature suddenly leans closer. Its hot rotten breath burns my skin as its mouth makes its way to my ear.

I hear, ‘Ah-ah-ah-ah…’

I whimper, petrified. ‘What do you want?’ I whisper. I can feel its blood running down my neck.

I want to die…’ it breathes.

Published 27 November 2014
ISBN 9780 994261816

PRINT Format:126 x 209 mm 
5.8 US Trade Paperback
Extent 172pp 
eBOOK All Formats 


    RIPPING SOLACE  Book TWO  Published CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint


BOOK TWO - Beating of a Dead Heart

Momo rises up from the ashes, and V’s world completely burns away... literally.
With their communication severed, their bond threatens to break as set out on different paths.

V sets her sight on a far off shore while Momo returns home with revenge on his mind.
The girl and the soldier must overcome the new threats that shadow their every step as they race towards the same goal, the same destiny.

Together, will they discover what it means to hear a dead heart pulse!

Published 13 February 2016
ISBN 978 1523753109

PRINT Format:126 x 209 mm 
5.8 US Trade Paperback
Extent 172pp 
eBOOK All Formats 



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