ANDREW BELL ... Canadian author & writer

Andrew has lived his whole life in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. He studied business, majoring in accounting at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Imagination was always strong and active and now he puts pen to paper to see fully where these thoughts will go. It’s a strange combination, an imaginative accountant.
His working past has included a wide variety of jobs with stops in food service, sub-trade technician work and public accounting. Andrew has been told that this is an odd way to work, not focusing on one industry. His belief is that you have to do what interests you and he hadn't found any one thing until writing.
The author of the Flight of Man trilogy, released progressively during 2015/16, is now working on more tales of a future that may well already be on the horizon. 

      FLIGHT OF MAN Trilogy  PUBLISHED 2017 in a asingle volume under CUSTOM BOOKS Classic imprint

 SCIENCE-FICTION Mastery at its best ... A Tale of spirit, determination and the challenges of life IN our SOLAR SYSTEM


A thought-provoking story of the habitation of the planets, with the artificial atmosphere, trees and forest, with grass and streams built from the wind-blown, rock-filled deserts. 

Colonies are established on Mars, food is grown and a sophisticated economy established... but as man adjusts so do the animals and many other terrestrial creatures with breathtaking results. Some of the new life came not from Earth, now war and peace have new meanings...

The sun, Sol, protected mankind for thousands of years and the solar system for millions before that. It was prophesied the Earth would end in 2191. Who knew thirty five years later that prophecy would come true! On that day, Sol reached out to save what planets it could from an attack beyond our imagination. 

A star, Bane, tore into our backyard bent on snuffing out all traces of our people. We all knew Bane’s henchmen planets would ultimately destroy our Earth but it was Sol that held Bane, pulling it from the murderous rampage, to spare Mars. Still the two giants battle in the sky above and now we give thanks to our protective star. Sol, the marvellous ball of gas did what no God has done, actually stepped up to the plate and saved our tiny butts!

The Flight of Man... first to Mars, then Saturn...


PRINT Format:152 x 228 mm 6"x9"US Trade Paperback

ISBN 978-153281255
PRINT 482pp
 Published FEBRUARY 2017



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Comments & Reviews

"Sci-Fi at its best, great imagination with an enthralling ending.. but thankfully it continues. The book was too short..." Dr.G, UCLA, US 

"... a most compelling storyteller that had me enthralled. The characters and imagined scenery were beyond belief. I found its eBook version great and hard to put down. Much too short but great reading! 
Max Philips, UK...   

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