Anthony McMahon
Irish author & writer


Anthony McMahon is new to the writing world. He currently lives in Ireland doing normal 9-5 job but spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, running, hiking surfing and taking pictures. He also creates hand crafted frames for pictures taken.

His stories are character driven and about how real people deal with real situations in real-world situations. Music plays major part, each chapter having a song to capture the essence of the situation.

     MEMOIRS of a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY  - Published in 2018 CLASSIC imprint


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The three climbers came over the top of the hill.

The ground was like a wet sponge from all the rain. Harry started to slide; it felt like he was on a waterside. When he stopped, he shouted back to Phil.

Hey, this's great fun!’ He took a few steps onto a nother slide, but this time he picked up speed.

Ahead, a large rock was in his path. Harry hit the rock sideways. Looking over the rock only a few feet away, the ground dropped down a sheer cliff … and a hundred-foot drop!

 He looked back up the mountain … He could only see Mike; there was no Phil anywhere. But white as a ghost, Mike was coming down towards him.

Where was Phil?’

Published  USA 11/2018
ISBN 978 1481967730

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 398pp 
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