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The Author has been writing creatively since he could spell his name. Still at university finishing his education, he has penned a wide range of works. Passionate to improve his craft, he spends every available moment writing. Now twenty-four, he concentrates on his favourite genre – horror. The Sisters of Satan is his début book publication now in its second edition.


     THE SISTERS OF SATAN  - published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint











Comments & Reviews

Excellent read, completely worth buying, I have recommended this book to all my friends and I cannot wait for more from this Author!' 5 stars Fantastic. Tyhaggis 86, Amazon US, Kindle Edition

Normally horror is a genre I steer well clear... but something about this book took my eye so armed with a new Kindle for Christmas and not a clue how to work it, this book became my guinea-pig. A top tale, good writing for a young man with excellent editing and we had a book. A good read - even if too macabre for me! 
J.J. Barrie..Author  

Too bloodthirsty for me - the girls were good though!
Evan Robson  SACWA Adelaide.

RRP* US11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$16.95   /NZ$18.95

The night from Hell began as fairytale …

Seth, a suicidally depressed young man finds romance with a beautiful young woman, Amelia. The vivacious beauty is his salvation, a reason to live... their relationship blossoms during a perfect first date.

After they part, tragedy strikes. A text message – Amelia does not want him.

Vowing to end his wretched existence, Seth drinks himself into oblivion. Inebriated, the wayward soul stumbles into a desolate park where he happens across Amanda and Alyssa.

When consciousness returns, he finds himself naked and shackled, deep in the lair of the Sisters of Satan.

Chillingly macabre, grimly barbaric, sensual …

First Published 2013
ISBN 978 1481967730

30 November 2014
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 398pp 
eBOOK All Formats 

Published March 2015


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