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The author was born in Bulgaria in the town of Gorna Oriahovitsa where she attended school, going on to graduate from the University of Economics in Varna, with a Masters in Accounting. Her employment has included a time with various industrial organisations and cultural institutions in Bulgaria and a period in Egypt. She started her literary career in 2000, when she founded a private English learning centre for children. During this period she published a story book titled Christmas Hopes , followed by her debut novel Carried Away, published in London in 2015. White Rose... in the Company of Men is her second novel. She has authored three plays, and published a number of poems.


WHITE ROSE ... in the Company of Men     Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

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… in the Company of Men

In a small European country, White Rose, a middle-aged woman, is looking to find her soul mate. On the Internet, she connects with a dozen or more men around the world. Some situations become romantic, others parody, even comic and often dangerous, but to give up when she has not achieved her dream, is simply unthinkable.

White Rose writes her memoirs. The heroine jumps from the pages to take part, outraged or inspired by her destiny. She tells of meetings through letters and conversations with men from countries such as America, England, Wales, New Zealand, Greece, Austria, and Spain…

Can White Rose, a lady past her youth, find true love in the virtual world…

Published USA November 2016   
for Release February 2017
   ISBN 978-1593428992

525.8 PRINT Format:135 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback 125pp 
eBOOK All Formats 


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