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Bruce Most is the author of two murder mysteries about a feisty Denver bail bondswoman, Ruby Dark: Bonded for Murder and Missing Bonds. A former freelance writer, Bruce published countless articles (including on cattle rustling) in magazines such as Parade, TV Guide, American Way, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Financial Planning, and Travel & Leisure. He ghost wrote a self-help book, The Power of Choice, and wrote over a thousand articles on financial planning for the Financial Planning Association. 
He also served in various editing capacities, including editor, of the Journal of Financial Planning.  
He and his wife live in Denver, Colorado.


    ROPE BURN  Published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Comments & Reviews

Rope Burn delivers everything you expect from a first-rate mystery: complicated, nuanced  characters who step off the pages, a suspense-filled plot, and a setting—the vast, empty landscape of Wyoming—to take your breath away. With Nick DeNunzio, the ex cop from the east who finds himself chasing cattle rustlers, Bruce Most has created one of the savviest  and most intriguing sleuths to come down the mystery trail in a long while.-–Margaret Coel, author of Killing Custer.

An unusual plot, an unusual crime ...  I had to rethink the characters again and again as the plot twisted and turned... but a top crime thriller, an even better detective story and an excellent read. I enjoyed, and highly recommend it.-- Jay Collins CWA 

Amazon Verified Purchase -This is the perfect union of mystery and modern western. Having lived in this particular area of Wyoming, I can assure you that the author has accurately portrayed the geography, the environment, and the attitudes. The ex-cop from Baltimore, Nick DeNunzio, has a lot to learn about ranching and cattle operations if he can avoid getting killed while doing it. The suspense and the mystery hang in until the very end. This book is well worth the read! By William H. Lovejoy on December 15, 2013

ROPE BURN is one of those novels that take a toll on my knees. I kept bumping into things because I didn't want to put the novel down while I was doing those mundane daily routines. Alluding to the "Legendary" Tom Horn from the turn of the 20th Century. Horn, a stock detective was a bit of a scoundrel and some think was a psychopath who worked both sides of the law. Horn was hung for the killing of a Wyoming rancher's son, 14-year-old Willie Nikell. The continuing controversy over that unsettled affair is brought to life in Bruce Most's current novel -- almost ghosts from the past. This story, ROPE BURN, is a very good mystery thriller and as good a guesser as I am about who-done-it, I didn't know who did it until the end of the book. Did the protagonist, Nick, get the girl? You'll have to read the story to find out. Alan C. Iannacito 23-01-14

This is a really good read. Based in WY in modern day, Mr. Most brings his characters alive with enough interesting twists to really hold my interest. I have loved Margaret Coel, Craig Johnson, and C.J. Box's books. Mr. Most fits very much with these distinguished authors. Anyone who likes their books, should love Rope Burn.Judy Matthews 14-o1-14

Rope Burn ... is full of great modern western characters, complicated plot or twists and turns, and a portrait of landscape that affects all the people and action of the book. So many details to savour and a struggling hero you want to cheer on as he solves several murders that haunt a ranch community in Wyoming. Shirley Meier Jan 2-01-14



Fear returned with a vengeance...

He turned his throbbing head but the pickup was out of his range of vision. He could glimpse the trunk of a large cottonwood tree only feet away. Frantically he struggled to untie his hands. He heard the pickup shift into gear. Moments later the rope tightened unforgivingly round his neck.

Fear flashed to panic as the rope squeezed his windpipe shut and he felt himself hoisted to his feet. He could hear the creak of rope drawing across wood...

Ex-Detective Nick DeNunzio accepts the offer to find those behind the racket and stop the insidious trade ...his first step on a trail which brings him near to death from both his past and the present... 

The killer dispensed old-fashioned justice at the end of a taut rope. 
Questions still remain unanswered. 
Who murdered Jack Hooker seven years ago? 
Why does his death haunt this Wyoming community? 
Is it linked to the attractive niece running his ranch? 

Heading west to escape a troubled past as a big-city detective, Nick DeNunzio hires on to stop a brutal string of cattle thefts. Chasing these modern day rustlers, he soon discovers not just cows are being led to slaughter – people are turning up dead.

To catch the killer before he is the next victim, Nick must unearth what happened to Hooker, confront his own dark past ...and become a cattle thief himself.

26 April - Bruce has a new website at

10 May - RopeBurn wins the coveted Adult Fiction Genre award at the annual Colorado Authors League banquet in Denver.

Published 16 November 2013
Released January 2014
Second Edition October 2014 
Released DECEMBER 2014
ISBN 978 1493674268

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 287pp 
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