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Born in South Australia, Army service was followed by some years in business. The Author now write screenplays, adult crime novels and children’s books. With many short stories published, he is currently co-writing a screenplay, The Tangram Concealment. Another, The Soldiers, adapted from his novel of the same name, was highly commended in recent awards. Work in progress includes two short stories with publishers at this time. 

     MURDER ON DISPLAY  - published 2012 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint


Comments & Reviews

"A good murder mystery with an enthralling and most unusual ending...It could have been longer..." 
John Hopewood NSW 

"It takes one to know one... I read all my competitors when I can. I found Reece a most compelling story teller but you need a good story to go with it... most have been done to death. Great reading! 
J.J. Barrie... Author HK 

I was hooked right from the beginning and couldn't put it down. It may be a smallish book but it is packed full of mystery. I was surprised but I liked the ending  I can't wait to read his next book. Jessie Lund UK

Just okay.. not my cup of tea!
Anne Hobbs, Gold Coast, Qld.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Murder on Display." A slow start, but once one of the main characters became compromised, it became very exciting and I could not wait to read more. The last several chapters had me wondering what was going to happen, and I would actually think about it between readings. I did not see any grammatical errors, and I liked the way all of the characters were developed... 
Scott Ranells Inkstand

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Murder on Display:
Gripping New Crime Novel Highlights Long-Term Psychological Effects of Childhood Trauma     Cheers Magazine

Stephen Lord's Reviews > Murder on Display 

As soon as the Flynn brothers lifted their Glocks, Dan knew he was in trouble. 

Silence descended like a cloak of doom. No confusion crossed his mind... it was clear he would die in the next few seconds. In all his years of facing danger, he often wondered how he would react when faced with imminent death. 


He was about to find out. 
Dan lifted the table in front of him and charged, morphing into a one man wrecking crew. Gunshots... searing pain in Dan’s ribs stopped him, but only for a moment. 

One brother collapsed under the tabletop; the other fired. Dan heard a cry behind him as he whirled around – his karate kick smashed into the gunman’s face, sending him flying across the floor. The gun slid out of reach. Pain burned through his gut, registering in Dan’s brain but somehow he pushed the hurt away. 
With one brother disarmed, he turned his attention to the other. 

Bullets crashed through the timber tabletop. Dan wrenched the table away, kicking the gunman in the face. They wrestled with the gun until Dan managed to turn it inward and fire into Flynn’s chest. 
Dan slowly and painfully stood with the smoking weapon in his hand. One down... the other gunman moved towards his weapon. Dan shot him in the head. Blood saturated his shirt, dripping onto the floor. 

Now real pain grabbed at his bloodied stomach....                        


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Published: 24 November 2012
Second edition July 2014
ISBN 978 1481044561

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 180pp 
eBOOK All Formats 


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     The POLITICS of MURDER   - published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint









A sanctioned murder and all hell breaks loose!

The Politics of Murder is a story of the greed inherent in man and his disregard for the consequences. While scientists developed the nuclear fuel, they failed to produce a safe waste storage system.

When a clandestine facility is built in Western Australia, an equally secret mercenary force is set up without the knowledge of the Government.

Dan Brennan and Mac McLean are back again in this exciting yet challenging thriller of thrillers. Instead of a simple case of murder, the two detectives find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that extends up the line of command to the very top. When an assassination team is sent to execute them, it can only mean one thing the Prime Minister himself has betrayed them.

Published: 20 September 2014 
ISBN 978 1500


PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 175pp 


Are you a film maker? Reece has three screenplays ready to go ...

The Soldiers -Suburban Hero - The Tangram Concealment


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