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Born in Denmark in 1947, two years after the end of World War II. Twenty years later, with Copenhagen as her base, she travelled Europe during the Cold War getting a first-hand experience of the people and cultures on the old continent. Her sense of adventure later urged her to move to Australia where her children were raised. After ten years, she decided it was time to return to her roots, and she resettled in her native Denmark.
 A coincidence brought her into the world of journalism resulting in countless articles and radio interviews. With her contacts in the intelligence and the resistance movement, she was given insight into secret deals and covert operations which took place during WWII. Her keen interest in history, led to her co-authoring a series of non-fiction books.
Publications include seven books Odyssey to the Balkans – A Travelogue'(English 2016). The Persecuted (Danish 1994), Jane Horney – Dead or Alive (1996), Who Was the Enemy – the Man Without a Face (2004), The Final Operation (2007), Jane Horney – Agent for the Queen (2011)

    ODYSSEY to the BALKANS      Published 2017 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta Imprint










It is time for a lifestyle change. She and her new lover pack some clothes, food and Banjo, the dog into her old Peugeot and take off. The destination – the Pyramids in Bosnia Herzegovina where she has plans to live out her days.

The journey begins in North Jutland in Denmark. Along the way, unexpected surprises and revelations challenge her beliefs, ambitions and emotions and so the odyssey begins. 

Eventually, the past and the present begin to merge until, little by little, like a jig-saw, the true destination is revealed.

Odyssey to the Balkans is a courageous attempt to make sense of a complicated and troubled world where each and every one of us strives for peace, love and happiness.

 Published MARCH 2017
 ISBN 9781 544772660

Release MAY 2017
PRINT Format:133 x 203mm 
525x8 Trade Paperback
Extant  162 pp 
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    OPERATION PHOENIX      Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta Imprint













A Spy's Personal Account of the Abduction of Hitler...

This is not the first time the fate of Adolf Hitler has been debated, but it is the first time an insider has lifted the veil on how he was abducted from his underground bunker in Berlin.

Operation Phoenix reveals how agents from ‘Rex’, the Danish-British Royal Intelligence service carried out the kidnapping with the assistance of anti-Hitler groups in Germany and Stalin’s Secret Service. An agreement between Stalin and the Danish Queen secured the survival of Hitler and prevented the Third Reich rising from the ashes of war, and saved the monarchies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and – not the least – Britain.

Truth is stranger than fiction’ is an apt description of the events surrounding Operation Phoenix.

 Published 27 October  2016 ISBN 9781 539646570

PRINT Format:133 x 203mm 
525x8 Trade Paperback
Extant  108 pp 
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