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The Author was born in the UK and educated in Australia. Having completed a degree in Chinese Politics, he spent some months travelling mainly in the western provinces of China. He is an accomplished writer with a number of articles and a range of poetry published in magazines and journals, and has written several plays already performed in London. The Trials of Nian Gao is his debut novel.

    The Trials of NIAN GAO  Second Edition published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Comments & Reviews
Wow, a chilling look into the future...  This book is a must read for anyone interested in seeing where Big Brother is taking us! Mind-bending drugs, automated responses, partial lobotomies to permanently control ... horrifying, yet in places already with us. Well-written, easy reading, the Author lives his stories as he moves further and further west in search of peace of mind and solace in this obvious yet carefully disguised country and regime. The stunning and confronting scenes in the monastery are not for everyone but are a natural part of his journey... with a heart-wrenching, almost unbelievable ending. Great imagination... or is it? A gifted writer. Tom Carmichael, BookNews USA 

Great mind-bending story... I often wondered what it would be like to be totally controlled. The monk section was a shock to say the least but that's life... Pat Schott, Camb. Univ., UK

I was shocked by the scene - but was otherwise a good story - and still worth 3 1/2 stars. Homophobic (name supplied) NZ

To some an horrific scenario but equally what an imagination. Good story, flowed well and held me. I was unsurprised by the gay scene, it was part of the overall line. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to the slightly adventurous. Jan van Otten, Gstaad

A Tale of Resistance, and Escape...

The Author delves into the depths of the human mind, creating an incredible journey into the future. 

When Nian is imprisoned, part of his sentence is the mandatory excision of small segment of his brain. 

Released back into the Old Empire, his mind is not the same. It works differently... and he has fear. 

Disowned by his family and desperate to live, he works for the wrong people, fleeing from city to city with his demons until finding asylum ... in unusual circumstances in the New Empire. 

A mind-opening, searing tale of big brother in 2084.

Published September 2012
ISBN 978 1479240958

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 147pp 
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Publisher's Note
  Adult Content - Several short, explicit sections may be unsuitable for some readers.


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