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Jon Smith is an intrepid traveller who has lived  and worked in a dozen countries setting up schools and training local teachers. This has allowed him to gain a deep appreciation of the culture and customs of Asian countries.  He enjoys the challenge of competing in Ultra-marathons and has run in the Marathon des Sables three times. One of his future endeavours is to ride around Australia on his push bike. 

He is passionate about a number of causes that have been explored in his first publication including mental illness, drug addiction, suppression of freedom and catering to the needs of refugees. During his free time he assists to feed homeless people in Sydney. 


    NATISHA      Published 2019 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic Imprint

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...  is the beautiful, flirtatious and spoilt daughter of mining tycoon Stepan Miskoska. She has been raised in an environment of money; living in the most expensive home in Australia and attending the most exclusive school in Sydney.

Following a dinner for the Governor of China’s Shaanxi Province – Dr. Feng, her parents accept an offer for her to visit his home in Xi’an. What awaits Natisha will change her life forever. With daring, cunning, and luck, she manages to escape the debauchery and scientific madness of Dr. Feng’s agenda.

If Natisha can make her way to the safety of the Australian Embassy in Beijing, what she knows has the potential to undermine Australia’s iron ore industry, and hamper Dr. Feng’s ambition to become the future President of China.


Published APRIL 2019
Released May 2019
ISBN 978
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
6x9 Trade Paperback
Extant  195 pp 

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