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The Author was born in London and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where he lives with his wife, Pauline, and two Maltese Shih-Tzu crosses. With the help of the dogs, they raised two daughters. Now retired, he spent most of his career in the social welfare sector where he became expert at writing social welfare policy and was awarded a Doctorate for his work on social housing. 
These days he enjoys volunteering with community organisations and writing local history studies. Many of his non-fiction works have been published, both in social welfare and in history.

    That CHRISTMAS 1941 MORN      Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic Imprint

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In Germany, a bullet renders Rachel, now Jewish Yohann’s wife, barren.

When Dirk learns that his wife Delilah’s Nazi father is responsible, he is penitent.

The ability to recompense the family arrives in 1929. In a magnanimous gesture, Dirk and Delilah bestow Dolb and Donter, one each of two sets of twins born to them, to Yohann and Rachel – to be brought up by them as their own children.

On Christmas 1941 morning, when Delilah’s brother, a Nazi soldier, attempts to kill the Jews – including her flesh and blood, Dolb and Donter. She shoots first. The families flee, setting the scene for retribution, reprisal, rape and murder …thirteen years later!

Published October 2015
Released January 2016
ISBN 978
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
6x9 Trade Paperback
Extant  184 pp 
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