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In 2008, the Author published his debut crime novel, The award-winning topical crime thriller has recently been released in an updated edition - All The Cardinal's Men. By then writing fulltime, this book was followed by the intriguing story of the robbery of the icon of the art world, the Mona Lisa based partially on fact - Mona Lisa-The Virgin Mother. Soon  followed by a sequel, Curse of the Diamonds, winner of the 2012 Asian Editors Choice Award, and currently  a bestseller in publication in four countries. 

His abiding interest in historical fiction continues with
The Emigrants. first published as an omnibus edition in 2010. Expanded to a series, the first volume – The Brothers Five – was published in both print and eBook formats in 2012. Gold & Glory – was printed in 2015 with the final volume – The Sisters Three – to complete the trilogy.  Extensively travelled, with a close knowledge of much of Europe and Asia, his stories continue to possess an affinity with their locales.

And now the true story of the only son of the Duke of Windsor - The KING'S SON.

    MONA  LISA: The Virgin Mother published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Comments & Reviews

''A most engaging and plausible plot ...  '
   A gripping suspense filled story and an entertaining read ... move over Dan Brown ...' Ed. Norbett
, Times Review

This book compels you to read on, one sensational plot after another, The  Inspector is almost too good to be true but Gerard Colbert - le colonel - is my favourite - although Annabelle is pretty good. Well-positioned in historical fact, there is no reason why this could not be the true story or close to it . Cannot wait for the sequel.. Gavin, Singapore

I read another of this authors book - The Emigrants - so thought I would try this one. I enjoyed it even more. Great characters and you almost live with them. Engaging and just plain good, I really enjoyed the read... and my first time as an eBook. great way to read.. Phyllis G, Mass., USA

 Wonderful characters, wonderful story. 
J J Barrie is a top writer. Enjoyed the historical background - obviously a lot of research went into it. Five stars from me. Janice Andersen, London.

Another good, easy to read book from this excellent author. My third book from this writer and each is more enjoyable than the last. Sam Cotton, Washington, USA




Exclusive sources in the SurÍte confirm the famous painting was stolen last night in a brazen robbery at the Louvre. Police are investigating and expect an early arrest ...
Figaro, Paris 12 August 1986


Da Vinci's Mona Lisa – the most famous icon in the art world – was stolen from the Louvre in Paris in 1911 and again in 1986. This story may be the truth behind this endearing painting... and her smile.

The compelling story of the intrigue surrounding the robberies is engaging, fast-moving and one of enthralling mystery. With double-cross and murder, the persuasive conspiracy has an unexpected... and most unusual conclusion.
Drawing upon the robbery of the painting from the Louvre in 1911 and its substitution with a superb copy, the storyline is transposed to modern-day Paris. 

The involvement of the forebears of some of the participants is inextricably linked to the original robbery and a motivation for this new attempt. 

An international thriller rich in atmosphere as the tale moves from Maryland in the USA to Florence and Paris, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Nice on the south coast of France. The gripping, suspense filled finale on the Spanish island of Majorca, is alive with the imagery of the locales.

Another Ladybird thriller!

First Edition 
Published October 2010
as To Steal A Lady

Fourth Edition Published 
1 September2014
ISBN 978 0992468996
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 285pp 

eBOOK All Formats 








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