A. COLIN WRIGHT ... UK writer & author

The Author was born and raised in England. During National Service in the RAF, he learned Russian subsequently reading Modern Languages in French, German and Russian at Cambridge University, resulting in an MA and PhD.
After furthering his studies as a student at the Herzen Pedagogical Institute, Leningrad, in 1964 he came to Queen’s University, where he taught the Russian language and literature until his retirement in 1999. During his tenure he published a major book and numerous articles on his main academic research subject, Mikhail Bulgakov.
Since his retirement he has published a number of short stories in literary journals, and has recently published a novel, Sardinian Silver, based on a period spent in Sardinia in 1962. Amongst his other interests he writes plays, and directs and acts in local theatre.


The Last of the Time Machines   Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

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The Last of the Time Machines describes a machine that can pick up traces of the earth’s atmosphere  ‘recorded’  on its surroundings – as in a tape-recorder – but to use it one must work in real time. Moreover, travel in it is limited by modern construction and to those places it can reach, so it must be provided with wheels and a scissor-lift to raise it to upper storeys. With miniaturization anyone can have one, and the police use it for solving crimes. But this creates such chaos on the roads that it is finally banned, except for its inventor, who is allowed to keep his own, using it for fulltime research into his two major questions about the past. 

In It’s Paradise, by  God!, angels in Heaven – incarnations of historical figures – must repeatedly go down to Earth to play through past history, or God, The Old Man, will become upset. They try to revolt by  ‘learning their parts’ wrongly, but God tricks them with a special entertainment he has devised. 

Published USA October 2015
   ISBN 978-1517505417

58 PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback 38pp 
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