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B. E. Holland, an Australian oil engineer and inveterate traveller, has worked in some fifty countries. The debut novel is an unique story, based on true experiences during World War II and later in southern Australia. He continues to live in Western Australia,, has a small fishing boat he never finds time to launch and a vintage car whose restoration remains on hold.

    KUDA PUTI   published 2012 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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'My engineer father spent some of the war in Timor  and recalled many of the events. I enjoyed the book but it was too precise and detailed in places... but what do you expect when an engineer writes  a novel. Liked the story a lot though
Alistair Van Coeverden, NSW, Australia

As promised I read Kuda Puti. My only criticism is that it dragged in places and the edit could have been tougher. Even so, a good story, well chronicled and otherwise flowed well. The Timor and Dutch segments were strong and the finale came as quite a surprise. Overall most enjoyable! Good going, Brian. 
J J Barrie, Writer & Author HK

Diamonds are Forever ...

A Story of Love, Intrigue and Lust!

Brian Holland's debut novel KUDA PUTI is a classic tale of a young girl suffering from memory loss, her search for both her lost years and the family diamonds. 

Wartime rape, lust, horrors and murder are buried deep in her mind for another fifty years... Too late the truths emerge. A powerful story set in the rugged beauty of Western Australia, the jungles of Timor and in the Netherlands.

From the shadow she heard the booming voice. His lip curled, spitting out the words with venom. 'He’s dead; I’ll take his share too.' 
        The towering figure took the envelope, a crooked smile encompassing his face. He slipped the stones into his pocket, grunted and looked down. Her eyes followed. His feet were under water. Something was wrong! Inside the seaplane, there should not be any water... 
       'What have you done, you little bitch?' She could see water bubbling from a hole in the fuselage next to a lifeless body floating face down. 
        'You shot a hole in the plane,' she replied. 
        She wondered where her calm came from, considering her situation - trapped in a flying boat on the high seas with a dead man and a homicidal maniac.

The story, spanning seventy years, tells of despair and hope, and love won and lost. When World War II was finally over, migrants from all over the world arrived in Australia to escape the hardships they had endured. They made lives for themselves despite the prejudices levelled by the old Australians. Refugees was not the buzzword then – they were migrants, the new Australians. This is one of their stories...

Published 26 August 2012
ISBN 978 1477632628

Second Edition
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 233pp 
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Australian artist and illustrator - 
Fiona Katauskas

- produced the wonderful images.

RRP* US11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$16.95   /NZ$18.95

A fully illustrated children's book for the young at heart... and 7-14 year olds. An ideal goodnight book for the youngster!

The  story of a little oil pump sent off to Indonesia to pump oil out of the ground. He is different from other pumps - not only can he talk but he loves making friends.

The story takes him from the factory where he was made in the USA, by train, container ship and a barge pulled by a tugboat, then by truck to an oilfield on Sumatra.

Finally located deep in the jungle, he meets all manner of animals - elephants, a tiger and a cobra, birds and a mischievous monkey.

For years, he happily pumps oil and entertains his friends until one day it all changes ... fire threatens.

Published: 10 December 2013
ISBN 978 1480026230


PRINT Format:220 x 220 mm 
Full Colour
Extent 38pp 



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