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In 2008, the Author published his debut crime novel, The award-winning topical crime thriller has recently been released in an updated edition - All The Cardinal's Men. By then writing fulltime, this book was followed by the intriguing story of the robbery of the icon of the art world, the Mona Lisa based partially on fact - Mona Lisa-The Virgin Mother. Soon  followed by a sequel, Curse of the Diamonds, winner of the 2012 Asian Editors Choice Award, and currently a bestseller in four countries. 

His abiding interest in historical bases continues with
The Emigrants. first published as an omnibus edition in 2010. Expanded to a series, the first volume – The Brothers Five – was published in both print and eBook formats in 2012. Gold & Glory – was printed in 2015 with the final volume – The Sisters Three – to complete the trilogy.  Extensively travelled, with a close knowledge of much of Europe and Asia, his stories continue to possess an affinity with their locales.

In between book, the Author is a sought-after historical researcher and editor.

    THE KING'S SON - To be published 2019 CUSTOM BOOKS CLASSIC imprint

A thrilling sequel to the acclaimed Mona Lisa: The Virgin Mother

Winner 2012 Editors Choice Award... featured at the London & Frankfurt Book Fairs..
J.J. Barrie's bestseller for 2013

A well-plotted crime & murder mystery with twists, surprises and a stunning finale... quite superb - and a deserving winner!' 
Judges Citation September 2012

One of the year's gems.... An excellent mystery worthy of the ilk of a Paterson, LaPlante or Cannell. I enjoyed the book from cover to cover, often finding it difficult to put down.... my rambling review did not do it justice..
Robert Campbell, Daily Telegraph

A good mystery with an ingenious robbery and a murder or two thrown in, add La Coccinelle, Europe's best cat burglar and the urbane and deadly Paul Mouton... mix a little insurance fraud and you have a great novel. It suffered a little in several scenes in Paris but overall great reading! David E. Frost, Monaco 

A worthy successor to TO STEAL A LADY. Great story, same characters.
A good read!
 John T, NY

"La Coccinelle - the Ladybird - Paul and Gerard Colbert, and a well-planned heist was expected but the involvement of the Russian mafia, the girls and then the French SSD - three or four plots all woven into one incredibly good story. Four stars is not enough."
P J Robbins, Review Editor, First Editions, New York










the only son of the




Marie, Maria, Marcelle, May, Mary, Maggie
… and the Duke of Windsor

Edward, known to his inner circle as David, was the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary of Teck. Within the family he was often referred to as Young David – a title he abhorred. He was invested as Edward, Prince of Wales on his sixteenth birthday, nine weeks after his father, King George V, succeeded his grandfather as king in 1910

 In 1936, upon the death of his father, Edward succeeded him as King Edward VIII. In the shortest reign in the last 450 years of British Kings and Queens, Edward abdicated 236 days later in favour of his brother when the British Government refused consent to his proposed marriage to Wallis Simpson. The American socialite had already divorced one husband who was alive and being still married, was intending to divorce her current husband to allow them to marry.

As a young man, David served with the British Army in France during the First World War. In the years following, George V’s relationship with his eldest son and heir, deteriorated. The king became increasingly disappointed in David’s failure to settle down in life and was appalled by the continual reports of his very public relationships with mainly well-known, but married women.

The first of his many trysts over the years, however, was quite different – his first not only continued as a love affair for nearly three years but resulted in the birth of a son in Paris in 1916 whilst the Prince was on active service in France… and remained a long-held secret.

This is the incredible true story of the only son of Edward VIII ‒ later to become the Duke of Windsor.


PRINT Format:160 x 235 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 215pp 

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