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Born in Bavaria, Tanya Thistleton is fluent in English and German. As a practising family law solicitor, she contributed to a legal text published in Germany, which she is currently updating. Other published works include short stories and non-fiction magazine articles, however, Just and Equitable is her debut novel. She lives with her husband and young son in Victoria, Australia where she writes, and indulges her passion for horses. 

     COUNSEL'S OBJECTION Published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Of course she can survive without him or can she?

Sarah injected authority into her voice as she told the Judge why her case was superior, and she should win.

But it would be to no avail. Of all the barristers to oppose her, only Markus could leave her with every ounce of confidence gone… and every single nerve end tingling.

That morning, all her efforts to eliminate the ravishingly handsome face from her mind came to nothing the moment he sat at the bar table. After mysteriously vanishing from the legal world for two years, he had simply materialised as if he had never been out of her life.

She once loved him but he was as secretive as he was unattainable. She must get away altogether from this most irresistible of men.

She could not fall in love again

Published 13 October 2014
ISBN 978 1503012349
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 160pp 
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  JUST and EQUITABLE Published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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A story of lust and love, infidelity and divorce… and the enigma called family law. 

Required reading for anyone stupid enough to engage a lawyer or attorney and expect to emerge the winner! 

Taking two steps at a time Fozzy hummed to himself, pushing the bedroom door open with his left elbow before stopping dead in his tracks. He could not believe his eyes. Fred, as far as he was concerned was not a pretty sight in khaki work shorts, but his hairy arse moving up and down on his wife’s body was even worse.
Champagne bottle and glasses hit the tiled floor and the expensive liquid splashed everywhere. Erupting like a fountain, it joined the millions of glass shrapnel skidding across the floor in front of their bed.   
'Ahhhh …' Melvin yelled, rooted to the ground and unable to avert his eyes from Fred’s hairy backside … 

Published 13 January 2013
Second Published 2014
ISBN 978 1481967778

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 210pp 
eBOOK All Formats 


      Comments & Reviews
A very entertaining book and great fun. It is good read not just for people who have gone through a divorce but for anyone who is a voyeur of  relationships.  I fear that Thistleton’s view of the legal system is all too real. 
I can see a telemovie coming.
Chris V, Brisbane, Australia

I enjoyed this book thoroughly - I wish I had read it before I divorced ... it may have provided a little humour when there was none. I am sure she used my solicitor as a model... I could almost see what was coming next! My first read as a Kindle eBook. Great!.
name supplied, Earls Court UK

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