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Karen Haddon started her career as a singer and dancer graduating from a professional stage school at fifteen after winning the lead role in a TV series. With a hit record in Germany, she travelled Europe performing on stage and TV. 
She subsequently joined Le Maitre, then one of the world’s leading special effects companies with many major clients such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney. She now not only runs but owns the huge worldwide corporation which she acquired two years ago. 
After being a single mother to her daughter, she recently married her Canadian second husband. They plan to move from the UK to Toronto to live permanently.


How to Juggle Without Balls!       Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

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How to Juggle Without Balls

An inspirational account of a woman who was raped at sixteen but overcame her fears by using that experience to gain strength in facing life’s adversities and determination to succeed in the business arena.

As managing director of one of the largest manufacturing pyrotechnic companies in the world, Karen Haddon shares some remarkable stories about how she managed, in times of real hardship, to rise to the challenges of a male dominated industry and achieve genuine success in both her professional and private life.

From raising her baby daughter alone and fighting a two year international court battle, to saving the family business from being repossessed, this book gives a real insight into relationship issues.

She demonstrates how it’s possible for women, through sheer willpower and fortitude, to manage their everyday lives whether they run a corporation or the family home.

An inspirational, moving story of how one woman refused to be labelled a victim...

Published USA 28 February 2016   
   ISBN 978-1523753390

58 PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback 125pp 
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