KENT LINES & THOMAS MANN ... Joint authors

In early 2012, Kent Lines sought help through the South Australian Writers Centre for the writing of his novel. We worked together for about a year while Kent's health deteriorated, stemming from injuries he had received in the Vietnam War. We wrote this largely biographical novel based on his experiences in the USA, Vietnam and Israel.
In March 2013, he passed away in Adelaide, and I felt obliged to finish the story. I have taken some liberties but feel they are in keeping with what he would have wished.
Since retirement I do part-time work in editing scientific papers written in English for the Harbin University of Engineering, North-East China, and write in my spare time. 
Thomas Mann

Kent Keefer Lines was born in Idaho in 1952, and he grew up in an orphanage. Graduating from Idaho Falls High School in 1970, he continued his education at Yale University and Idaho State University, majoring in biochemistry and microbiology. He served in the US Army in Vietnam War and in Israel on special assignment for the CIA.
From 1983, he lived in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. His brain condition, similar to a form of epilepsy, resulted from an injury received during service in Vietnam, and worsened over the years.

KENT LINES died in 2013.

    JERICHO MAN  Published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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An orphaned American boy wounded by Vietnam, used by Mossad and the CIA  

‘They will try to turn you into a machine. Don’t let them do that!’


If he were a machine, could he be switched off? For the first time in his war-torn life, he doubted it. He felt as though life had gripped him in a vice and would not let go. Any hope of recasting himself as a peaceful, compassionate person had been erased.


The chilling biographical novel based on the life, loyalties, loves and hates of  KENT LINES one-time wartime sniper and trained assassin!

 Published: 19 December 2014
Released March 2015
ISBN 978-1505231151

PRINT Format:6"x9" 153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 193pp 
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