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Before turning her hand to writing adult fiction, Margaret Amery White taught at a secondary college, established a vineyard in north east Victoria and during period as a teacher, founded callisthenics as a sport for girls in Western Australia. She has written many children's stories and articles for newspapers and magazines.
She believes her love of writing was engendered by her Welsh grandmother who had a story for every occasion. Margaret now lives in Victoria where she wrote her first adult novel Jessy of Glyn Cuch, published in 2010, the story of a Welsh family who emigrated to Australia.


    INTERLUDE  Published 2013-14 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Comments & Reviews

 Always a sucker for a love story... and this is one of the best.  Pulls on the heartstrings, but you could hang Monica and the mother easily. I thought Jason a little weak but Cassie and Tatyana holds the story together. It is compelling, most certainly compassionate, and a good read. Four stars. John Anglish, China Post Book Reviews.

Love a tear jerker and INTERLUDE is good, very good. The story is fresh, the characters well developed and the reading is easy!  Most certainly compelling... I could not put it down.  Anna Bertolli , Ohio USA


Second Edition 


A compelling and compassionate love story hovering between the present and the unknown...

Rain pelts down, but nothing will spoil this day, Cassie promises herself. Not even London's weather at its worst.

A bolt of lightning hits his cab, a crunch of metal and Jason dies. Visited at the moment of his death, his Grandmother calls upon him to join her.

Caught between two worlds, he pleads for time to save Cassie and his daughter Tatyana from further sadness.
His wish granted, Jason watches in delight as Tatyana melts the heart of his father, and Cassie that of his cousin Roy. Not without his own heartache, their love becomes a relationship that ensures the future happiness of his family.

It is time... he rejoins his Guardian Angel, following her to the other side.

INTERLUDE... between the present and the unknown

Published 25 November 2013 
Second edition August 2014
ISBN 978 149368650

PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback 2nd Edition
Extent 290pp 
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