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Tony Brooks was born in England in 1937. School, and two years in the Royal Navy, was followed by teacher training. A further year at the Sorbonne in Paris, and he began ten years as a qualified teacher in secondary and primary schools in the UK, and after emigration in 1971, another ten years in Australia. After resigning on health grounds, he began to write in many different genres. Over the following years the author has completed seven novels, collections of short stories and poems, and seen several of his stage plays produced at the Adelaide Festival, one of which gaining a major award. He has performed a number of major roles in theatre, film and radio.


    HALFWAY HUMAN  Published 2018 CUSTOM BOOKS CLASSIC imprint

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It is the year 1819...

This is not just another account of savagery in the blood-soaked penal history of colonial transportation; it captures the most revolutionary experiment in enlightened penal policy in the world’s history.

This is a saga of despair, followed amazingly by hope unfolding in the colonies of New South Wales, Tasmania and ultimately in the hell hole of Norfolk Island.

The convict population are crushed under the heel of a deformed monster who would not have been out of place in Auschwitz yet one man, a humanitarian of truly awesome courage, creates a brief period of magical hope.

Blended into the story is a tale from modern times where a young lawyer is drawn into a desperate bid for freedom by a convict convicted for multiple murders.


Halfway Human sprawls across the centuries, a gripping crusade for love, forgiveness and  freedom.


 Published: 19 December 2018
Released March 2018
ISBN 978-1505231151

PRINT Format:6"x9" 153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 193pp 
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