Dallas Sutherland ... Australian writer & author

Over the last twenty-five years, the Author has exhibited a creative bent across a range of industries in graphic design including trompe l’oeil murals, and has lectured in Fine Arts. His education included art history, literature and creative writing. Works include play scripts and short stories and the fantasy Landland series. He draws inspiration from myth, legend, and fairy tales.

He lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia with his partner Kerri, and daughter Ruby.

        THE GREYING Short Stories SERIES Published by CUSTOM BOOKS - NOVELETTA imprint

I am a massive fan of mythological tales, and of course Fairy Tales. And this book hit the spot. It was so good that I read this in one day! Dallas you have a very clever talent and I cannot wait for your next book. I have read many books in this category and this one is supurb.
If you are looking for a great read, hard to put down and enjoy mythological tales, then this is the book for you. You will not be disappointed.   4.6.14 Sarah Harvie UK







Upon the death of her mother, Meah is pulled across the boundary that separates this world and another time and place where the dog-like Firbog have brought the mists of the greying.

Under the evil Queen Berilbog they threaten to claim all the lands. With her Mother dead and her Father missing – she is on her own!

Can Meah learn how to use the power of the thinking? Will there be enough time to save both Landland and herself? Will Meah ever find her way home again?

She must triumph over grief and sadness on her journey into a world made cold, grey, and colourless by the ravages of the greying. Meah travels into the depths of Bigriverland to find the mysterious sage, The Biggo. In the heart of Dead Wood, Meah meets Josh O’Tosh, the last of the warrior Pictish Priests.

Battling lurking homunculi and the horrors of the many-headed-winged-thing, they set out to recover the only thing that will save Landland …her mother's Book-of-Colours!


Published January 2014
Released JUNE 2014
ISBN 978 1495206962
Second Edition

PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 108pp  
All eBOOK Formats


  THE THINKING Short Stories SERIES Published by CUSTOM BOOKS - NOVELETTA imprint



The Greying snakes across Bigriver towards Landland… all the lands are in turmoil. Meah combines her power of thinking with the magical Book of Colours, and joins the Bigriverland army to fight the horrid Firbog. Faith, Hope, and Charity, the white many-headed-winged-thing, returns. Auntie Beryl has become the evil Queen Berilbog – she must be stopped. Many-headed-winged-things soar high over battle-fields, three-humped-beasts-of-war go on the rampage, and, from out of the mists of the greying, slithering Homunculi goad them on.

Meah’s magical plans are not what Landland needs– Firbog hordes swarm across a dried up Bigriver into Landland, cutting their way through The Scented Forest, all the way up to the tip of Mount Beacon.

Chaos reigns supreme, Landland writes its own story… but the story is all wrong. Meah looks for a way to escape. Will she find her father, The Biggo, again? Can they win their way home – should they leave Landland and all their friends in the clutches of Auntie Beryl, the Grey Lady?

The sequel to  The GREYING

Published March 2015
Released MAY 2015
ISBN 9781 505230710

PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 122pp  
All eBOOK Formats

 YOU'VE GOT A BUNYIP IN YA! Short Story Published by CUSTOM BOOKS - NOVELETTA imprint

Tomorrow is Bruno’s last day of school for the year. But the full moon makes everything strange.

Granny gives him Bill’s Big Book of Bunyips to read.

Will this explain why there is fur growing down his arms, and who keeps painting the funny faces and breaking the farm fences?

Bruno’s neighbours, the Stickwhistles, want to drain his beloved swamp to build their pineapple cannery.

To save the swamp, Bruno talks to the animals and climbs the Big Pimple to find out who he really is.

Published April 2015
Released JULY 2015
ISBN 978 1505230895
PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extent 108pp  
All eBOOK Formats


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