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The Author was born and grew up in Liverpool, England. After being educated at Yew Tree Comprehensive School in West Derby, he became an electrician, something he excelled at for over thirty-five years, until his partial retirement with his wife Sheila. With two grown up children and two grandsons, a dog - his best friend - his support of his local football team Liverpool, and with the addition of writing, he is fully occupied.

   THE GODARIAN SON  Published 2015 - CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint



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The trap had been set...

Several soldiers pounced on the unsuspecting young man. Jess was the only son of the leader of Godar, the largest and most dynamic planet in this ancient solar system... a planet feared by the other smaller planets.

Taken to a neighbouring planet, Asha, he was treated as a prisoner of war. His father was informed within the hour, and although devastated and feeling betrayed, he knew his son would not be harmed.

He also knew his friendship with the leader of Asha was over... he could never be trusted again.

He retired to his study with the written demands made on him – demands that could not be met. His thoughts were on his son.

He would rescue him, one way or another!

A enthralling view of both the past and the future… 
and a new  perspective on the creation of Earth!


Published June 2015
ISBN 978 1505230987
PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 168pp 
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