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Michael was born fifty-six years ago and raised for twelve of those years on the southwest corner of Vancouver Island. His first writing was in grade eight when he wrote a piece of poetry titled War is not a thing of love for an English assignment. Over the years he has written many pieces of poetry and short stories that he have been lost.

Today the author resides in Alberta and continues his writing of poetry and short stories. His plans are not to become rich and famous but just to get his stories out to readers.

    FABLER'S FALL      Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta Imprint












No I just need to think, and the phone looks closer,’ Erik said with a smile he didn’t feel. After ordering a steak and egg combo, a glass of milk and coffee, he decided to try phoning home.

Maybe his mom was home and she could help. Using the last credit on his phone card, Erik dialled.

We are sorry, but the number you have called is not in service, please check the number or call the operator for assistance, the recorded message intoned.

Hanging up Erik stared at the phone for a few seconds, trying not to show that he was worried…

He did not know his whole family had been murdered!

Published October 2015|
Released FEBRUARY 2016
ISBN 9781514248744

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5x8 Trade Paperback
Extant  176 pp 
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