JOHN CARRUTHERS... Uganda based writer

John Carruthers was born and educated in Edinburgh. After studying and training in insurance, he spent 12 years in East Africa as an insurance broker, first in Kenya and then Uganda during the early days of independence, before moving to Nigeria in 1974.

In the late 1980’s, he was seconded from his insurance company to become Overseas Pension Consultant to British Airways.

In 1992 he returned to Uganda, where he still lives, and is chairman of an international bank and several other companies.


    FAITHS RESTORED ...   Published 2017 CUSTOM BOOKS Classic imprint

RRP* US$17.95   /GBP15.95   /EURO15.95   /AU$24.95   /NZ$26.95

Move over James Bond. Here comes Francis Drake.

No, not the famous explorer but an insurance broker who travels all over the world for his work and is recruited into the British Secret Service. Soon he is up to his neck in international intrigue. A Palestinian agent dies, so does an American financial agent. Bodies begin toppling.

Drake becomes a target for various Middle Eastern factions, including Hamas. His comfortable existence as an international gypsy, well paid and well laid turns into something of a nightmare.

But Drake is an astute Scotsman and adapts to his new role and begins to enjoy it.

So remember, the name is Drake ... Francis Drake!

 Published: November 2017
Release April 2018
ISBN 978-199658044

PRINT Format:6"x9"
153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 244pp 
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