GERALD GRANTHAM... United States author

The Author was born in Palo Alto, raised in the San Jose area of California, graduating from San Jose  State University that part of the state known as Silicon Valley. After working there for several years, his training in solid state electronics led him to travel extensively throughout the US. He traveled extensively overseas in Asia and Europe and more recently mainland China, where his work involves the installation of complex systems and training of operators. Although having lived in many parts of the US, he always returned home to California. He began to write after moving to a small mountain community in the north of the state where the ridges and valleys, the towns and characters have been the inspiration for his stories.

In his travels, he has come upon accounts of roaming spirits, usually out to revenge a wrong. The Lady of the Canyon pays homage to these tales, and the people who believe in them. The Author respects the sincerity of their beliefs, something science is hard pressed to disprove.

TALLY HO, EAGLES  BOOK ONE Published 2017 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint


So many young Americans came to fly and fight for

 England in 1940-41, they soon formed their own

 squadron – the Eagle Squadron. As more young

 Americans came, they formed three Eagle


 In the Fall of 1942, the three RAF Squadrons

 became the 4th Fighter Group, US 8th Air Force.

They had started out flying Spitfires, and eating

 British food … then they had to change to the big

 P 47, and Spam!


This is the story of that change …how they

adapted  to the American forces; their women,

and their losses.


Books Two and Book Three



Published USA FEBRUARY 2017
    ISBN 978 1542738415

5258 PRINT Format
US Trade Paperback 259pp 
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LADY of the CANYON  Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint


A late and foggy night  

Not a good start to his retirement, he is already tired from driving all day in impenetrable fog. Four hundred miles creeping along jammed roads, guided by radar equipped Highway Patrol cars. Finally, he is on a two lane country road passing through a narrow canyon, a last winding step to his new home.

Suddenly she is there, caught in his light beam, standing in the middle of the road. He stops, stunned by her appearance in the middle of the night

She beckons to him, then disappears into some trees.

Then she is gone.

Who did he see in the Canyon?

Published USA 25 July 2015
    ISBN 978 1514248690

69 PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback 248pp 
eBOOK All Formats 


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