MIROSLAV KREJCI ... Czech author & writer

The Author was born in Czechoslovakia. After finishing elementary school, he attended military college during the period his country was under Communist Party rule. Designed to prepare young officers, he disliked the school, the work they did and the senior officers. It was unreasonably disciplined and impossible to leave, so he ended up in an army jail. Twelve months later, when the Communist regime ended, he was released.

He wrote about the period and the many unusual people in a book titled – A Year in Jail.

With friends, he then established a successful software company, and over the next few years married. He and his wife have four children. He now divides his time between his work and writing books. The family resides on a small farm where he breeds horses, a love since childhood. They even feature in his writing – Molly & Endo.


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This book is happy and sad at the same time – a true story of two friends and an adventure. Although set in the present time, it contains stories from their childhood and youth of both, each of whom enrolled in the army in the former regime and spent their youth at a military school.

The story has nothing to do with politics – boys between fifteen and eighteen years of age have completely different interests.

This is the story of two real friends affected by the terminal illness of one of them.


 Published February 2017
ISBN 9781 543017793

PRINT Format:133 x 203mm 
525x8 Trade Paperback
Extant  76 pp 
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