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  J J  BARRIE      
  To Kill a Priest
  Mona Lisa - The Virgin Mother
  All the Cardinal's Men
 The Emigrants - Books 1&2
  Curse of the Diamonds

With a sixth book in publication with CUSTOM BOOKS - my only regret is that only the last three were produced by this small but brilliant publishing house. Service, civility, assistance, communication... you name it - it's all there. Editing became easy and prompt; industry information such as I have never had before; follow up and marketing plans that I can understand. They have even taken notice and changed their motto from 'should be' to 'is' so now it is correctly Publishing your book is one of life's greatest moments. 
Each publishing experience continues to be one such occasion …

JJ Barrie - Hong Kong & Australia

'My publisher has been fantastic, giving my book the extra kick it needed to get into the market. 
The efforts of 
CUSTOM BOOKS to get the job done went beyond the pages and beyond expectation – all very professional, and yet I felt respected, never just another client ... and we will shortly publish my next book.' Andrew Bell - Canada 
                             ANDREW BELL     FLIGHT OF MAN

PHYLLIS J.    PERRY                AWARD-WINNING author of    
 80+ teens & YA books
          HIDDEN AWAY 
          WONDER WORLD

'The editors and staff are professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and caring! The editing process has been thorough and I have had an opportunity for input during every step. Once  ready, my books moved rapidly into the distribution stream. Authors care deeply about what they write, and after 80 books I am now confident my work is in good hands with CUSTOM BOOKS...'  Phyllis J. Perry - Colorado, USA

                                                          SHIRLEY WHITEWAY      Juliet
'I was pleased with the way CUSTOM BOOKS published and helped me fine tune the book as it was edited. I gained confidence as their attitude made me feel special. Even though my manuscript was a novella, everyone treated me as if I had written a best seller. The cover and presentation of my book is excellent.'  
Shirley Whiteway - Australia


Bad Angels
     The Vintner's Letters
     The Spider Lady's Lunch

'Now on my third book, I have found their service has been prompt, knowledgeable, accommodating, Inspiring and friendly.  CUSTOM BOOKS seem to know the industry even down to editing trivia and I have often been impressed with the industry coverage they command. My publishing experiences continue to be a pleasure …'
Peter McAra - Australia

                                            B. E. HOLLAND        KUDA PUTT    OLIVER the OIL-PUMP
'As an unpublished writer with a finished manuscript I needed support not rejection. The response from a couple of publishers caused dejection despite the rejections being couched in kind words. CUSTOM BOOKS took me on, providing a precise map and timetable. They kept their schedule every step of the way. The result was gratifying, keeping me on a high throughout the process. 
I do not expect the Nobel Prize for my work, however thanks to their conscientious staff, I have my novel in the public arena. Thanks... '  Brian Holland  Australia

        Twisted Edges    

'As a fairly new publisher competing with the already established, CUSTOM BOOKS are aiming high and will go beyond their expectations.. Efficient, delivering the message, and communicating well with their authors, and a professional approach will take them to the top. Their attitude is right on the button, going about their business by the book, step by step, but at a double fast pace. They are heading to be leader of the pack. I take my hat off to them.'    
Jennifer King – South Africa

                                                            ANGELA BARNES         Truce 
'Prompt delivery, attention to detail, consistent updates and explanations of processes help create faith and peace of mind with CUSTOM BOOKS. Industry professionals provided an individualised, solution-driven service, inclusive of the author in a relationship which is reinforced by the efficiency and care of their structure and approach.'  
Angela Barnes - Malaysia


  The Trials of Nian Gao    
I recommend Custom Books.  For newer writers, or those writing material of an unusual, or perhaps - as applies to myself - more 'cultish' nature there is someone there.  The publishing market is becoming smaller, due to the corporate obsession with creating even greater conglomerates, and - as a result - cutting out less mainstream material.  The partner who dealt with me throughout, has been extremely helpful. I have no desire to be a best selling author, something Custom fully accepted. Getting a publisher is hard enough...
Mark Govier - United Kingdom

Custom Books have given me a truly wonderful opportunity to have my manuscript published Internationally.  I have found them always friendly, supportive and highly communicative. I am impressed with their sincerity in presenting my work in the best and most marketable way. The cover has proved genuinely attractive to a  buyer. I find they are honest, caring and fair in all our dealings - a breath of fresh air in a tough publishing world. Valerie Barrow       

VALERIE BARROW          Two Soulmates        Alcheringa

        Beneath the Cap 

'CUSTOM BOOKS has been nothing but supportive.  Our common goal of giving the reader an enjoyable experience was paramount throughout the editing process whilst ensuring the integrity of my writing was not compromised. With my limited knowledge of the publishing world, the team has shown great professionalism and understanding in the launch of my debut novel. I now see editors in a whole new light...'  
Andrew Rae 


    Just and Equitable
                       Counsel's Objection

'According to my research, there are more than 275 ways to say someone or something is excellent. Given the space my publisher has provided, I am limited to a few lines to say what I think about CUSTOM BOOKS, thus I can only use one of the 275 ways to say they have been excellent. 

Tanya Thistleton 


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