CHUNG TZe HUNG & Pamela Ho   Joint writers

Chung Tsz Chung was born in Hong Kong. Having worked and studied in Norway, Egypt, Sudan, China and the Netherlands for some years, he currently resides in Sweden. Chung is heavily involved in development projects in Eastern Africa, for which he receives grants and scholarships to realize his ideals. The Author loves life and adventures, but observes with sadness many injustices and exploitations in the emerging (or ‘third’) world. In his leisure time he reads and travels. Chung’s stories come from observations of people met around the world, and the lessons he learnt from amazing people in his life.

Ho Wing Ki grew up in Hong Kong, read Literature and Politics as an undergraduate student and is now completing a law degree. She enjoys allowing her mind to wander into daydreams, and likes travelling, food, reading, art and writing. Ho’s poems are reflections of her daily encounters. She believes writing can make changes to the world by addressing injustice, appreciating the forsaken, making tribute to the nature and conceding to the inevitable with an optimistic heart.


   LIFE IS LIFE ...   Published 2018 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint


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Life is Life

We need to be optimistic, because if we don’t, no one is going to save us” Chung Tsz Chung, Ho Wing Ki

The four sections of this book are:

Travel Account touches on travel and more importantly the cultural aspects. In most accounts it is about searching for a greater meaning, and denying the fact that we might not as great as we imagine ourselves to be.

Life, Politics and Hong Kong is a condensed telescope to look at Hong Kong, as prosperous as it might be, the soil of Hong Kong has more to offer us than we believe. The people, the places and the dramas going on. It explores controversies surrounding us in our daily lives, which survive unnoticed.This session is written in an elegant poetic style. There are references to other Chinese texts. It illustrates the juxtaposition of Chinese and Western values in Hong Kong given its unique colonial history. The texts written varies between serious and care-free issues.

Sketch of Life reflects the anxiety and explores the inner thoughts that we all once have. It is a plain, raw text with authentic thoughts. At the end of the day, it all comes down to living a meaningful life.

Memoir traces back the psychological changes of a person. It is rough and at times disconnected, as authentic as we all are. Things change, but words and memories stay.


 Published: February 2017
Release April 2017
ISBN 978-1542970617

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