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The Author grew up in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. After completion of his education, he took up accounting while studying for a Commerce degree, before joining the New South Wales Police Service in 1986. For twenty-one years, he served in country cities in General Duties, Highway Patrol and as Scene of Crime Officer, attaining the rank of Senior Constable. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and discharged a year later. During his service, he earned the National Medal, the New South Wales Police Medal, and a Command Citation. Since his discharge he has been self-employed as a cleaning contractor. Six years after his medical discharge, Andrew Rae still suffers the effects of PTSD.


    BENEATH THE CAP  Published 2013 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint


Comments & Reviews

An intriguing insight  into the world of PTSD ...the book is a an eye-opener into the culture of the working population in general, the misconceptions and lack of insight and support for persons suffering from this debilitating disorder....well written.' Graham Andrew, Amazon US,

This book compels you to read on, I always thought it was one of those imagined illnesses, could not happen to me... how wrong can you be! John Ting HKPD, Hong Kong

I want to congratulate you on your book. I could not put it down. I found your writing style compelling and honest. Thank you... Annie Woodard-Knight

Thanks for opening up your world to the world. Could not put your book down. As I came to the final pages, I kept thinking, there's not enough pages left for this story to end. ...  I recommend your book highly... I am proud you served us, and thank you. How do we know, until we are tested, how we will react? .... The first thing we do when in trouble is call emergency! Margaret Wilson

I found the book confronting ...and it opened my eyes to the things people in the front line of emergency services experience. The book highlighted the stress the police are faced with as part of their everyday working life and how they deal with it....  I enjoyed reading it and you should be proud of what you have done. Dave Porteus, DFP Solutions

It was a really good read once I got my head around it... Wow I have just walked a mile in your shoes and have found a new respect for our police force and the emergency services, I don't know how you got through it as well as you did... Hope I get to read a sequel one day. Colleen Algie


Based on real life events, this is a story of several officers and their very personal struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

These officers share a bond, not only with each other, but with every officer… in police and emergency services anywhere in the world.


Many police use humour to deflect the reality of the horrors they face daily. It is a defence mechanism. When overheard by outsiders, this black humour often tends to portray police as hard and callous...Without feeling. Uncaring. Lacking empathy. .. and inhuman. 

Before you judge, pull on that uniform, place that cap proudly upon your head and tighten the gun belt around your waist. Slip on a bullet proof vest then walk where you fear to go. Now you can judge ... you might find them just like YOU!

Even today anyone diagnosed with a mental illness is labelled and shunned. Some do their best to discard them like a worn item of clothing while even experts debate the reality of PTSD. 


Come, take a walk in the shoes of those who suffer it the most... follow a day in their lives and the next thirteen and a half hours will seem like a lifetime.

Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a genuine psychological illness or a weakness? 


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Published 24 March 2013
ISBN 978 1481967556

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Extant 224pp 
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