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In 2008, the Author published his debut crime novel, The award-winning topical crime thriller has recently been released in an updated edition - All The Cardinal's Men. A further new edition is planned. By then writing fulltime, this book was followed by the intriguing story of the robbery of the icon of the art world, the Mona Lisa based partially on fact - Mona Lisa-The Virgin Mother. Soon  followed by a sequel, Curse of the Diamonds, winner of the 2012 Asian Editors Choice Award, and currently  a bestseller in publication in eight countries. 

His abiding interest in historical fiction continues with
The Emigrants. first published as an omnibus edition in 2010. Expanded to a series, the first volume – The Brothers Five – was published in both print and eBook formats in 2012. Gold & Glory – was printed in 2015 with the final volume – The Sisters Three – to complete the trilogy.  Extensively travelled, with a close knowledge of much of Europe and Asia, his stories continue to possess an affinity with their locales.

...And in 2019 the superb historical expose...THE KING'S SON The true story of the Duke of Windsor's only son, was published. Now available in both print and eBook.

    THE CARDINALS CROSS - published 2021 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint

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Comments & Reviews

'A marvellously well-plotted, topical novel - a cracker of a tale, engrossing and ... a sensitive treatment of the subject of paedophilia - and murder.' 
Tom Flood, Miles Franklin Award-winning author and editor.

This book should be a must read for all clergy... the trials of these children, the pain, the lack of empathy ... the list goes on and on. And then there is the longer term impact, their descent into welfare and the long arm of the law. I know there are similar cases in all orders but its time to rid ourselves of this cancer.
Rev. Paul Best. UK 

This story and its ramifications are based in Australia in the 1970's. Whilst reading quite enthralled, I realised i knew of a case and when I thought back, still another came to mind at my school... and this was only last year. A chilling yet engrossing story cast as a murder mystery. 
Name supplied but withheld 

A sad story in many ways but as a murder mystery it excels... suspense, raw in places, gives way to a superb crime novel. A great storyline, engrossing with all the elements of a bestseller...
Pam Bolt, Times Magazine, Los Angeles

With the abuse of children rife in Asia, when asked to review this book, I felt it would be another of the many. Instead I found an excellent murder mystery, well-thought through and with very much the surprise ending. The vendetta against the priests in well-handled, the planning and background is excellent, and the police procedure neatly meshed. The prologue is a quite moving tribute to the authors skills. . .
 ... Recommended read!

 Liam Tuk, South Asia Times, Bangkok










Victims at twelve, they could not comprehend the abuse and excruciating pain. They cried until no tears were left – then they escaped! 

An engrossing story of priests, paedophilia and murder. In the seminary, some had a game, and a prize... the Cardinal's Cross. 
To score... the systematic rape of boys in the homes.
But a young victim dies and the body is hidden. 
Six years pass - a young male prostitute relentlessly pursues the priests responsible, one by one they fall victim to the killer. 

The young boys had nowhere to go... no one to trust.

This Australian story exhibits all the harshness of life in the early eighties. Alcohol added to the austerity of their family lives. Progression into the welfare system and abuse followed. Conspiracy was just part of the failure of the church to ensure the safety of the boys in the care of their priests. Concealment by the celibate hierarchy – and a cover-up provides the background. Throughout the churches, this much has been true... 

Many of the abused and forgotten victims have thought about killing their priestly predators. This intriguing plot, the hunt for the killer and the unusual ending could happen in any community anywhere given the crisis in not only the Roman Catholic Church, but other institutions as well. 

Only God knows!

Previously published as 
To Kill a Priest 2009
ISBN 978 1481801966
Second Edition December 2012 as

All the Cardinals Men
PRINT Format:
156 x 234 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 274pp 
eBOOK All Formats 

 THIRD Edition December 2020 as
The Cardinals Cross














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