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J.A. Wainwright
was born in Toronto, Canada. Since 1972 he has lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he is McCulloch Emeritus Professor in English at Dalhousie University. His areas of specialization are contemporary and Canadian literature and popular culture, including a class on Bob Dylan and literature of the 1960s.

His first novel, A Deathful Ridge: a Novel of Everest, was shortlisted for the Boardman-Tasker Prize in Mountain Literature in 1997, and his biography of painter Robert Markle, Blazing Figures, was shortlisted for the ForeWord Magazine Literary Prize in the U.S. in 2010. He has given readings from his fiction and poetry collections in Canada, the USA and Europe.

    The LAST ARTIST  Published 2016 CUSTOM BOOKS CLASSIC imprint

I am not sure what impressed me the most — the ability to conjure up worlds and beautiful stories for each painting, the profound understanding of art and its relationship to who we are, the writing sentence by sentence….and, of course, the epic linkages in plot and their poetic integration over epochs. What you accomplished with An’s story in and of itself is stupendous. So very tactile, that story: you feel every brush stroke between the threats and revelations in her short life. Truly amazing. Ben’s story and the spiritual triangle with his friends, wonderful. And, of course, ending the novel with a young girl…given how it began, with the death of Ben’s daughter.
Canadian writer, Larry Gaudet


Confronted by his own mortality and that of his paintings, artist Ben Sand reproduces several modern masterpieces on the walls of an isolated French cave so they will last for 20,000 years.

His efforts are mirrored by those of a Paleolithic girl, An, who, in her own cave, reveals through stroke and colour the physical violence and spiritual depths of her pre-historic environment.

An’s visions and techniques are directly described, while the essence of Sand’s endeavours is found in compelling stories that emerge from landscape and human presence within paintings by Bruegel, Goya, Monet, and others.

The result is enduring images of visual brilliance framed by lived experience that has its own place and longevity in time.






 Published: July 2016
ISBN 978 1533988710
PRINT Format:153 x 229 mm 
US Trade Paperback
Extant 210pp 

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